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IRTS offers embedded electronics systems and ultra rugged display solutions to the defence, security, aeronautics, energy, and transport industries, as well as digital information displays sector.

The firm designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and supports its products. It offers commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), customised or tailored-made solutions.

LCD monitors, panel computers, and consoles for military environments

IRTS manufactures and produces rugged LCD Monitors, ultra-rugged multi-function displays and panel computers, computing systems, LCD workstations, and consoles for tough industrial and military environments for fixed, mobile, or airborne applications.

Rugged panel PCs are one of the products that are manufactured and supplied by IRTS
Smart displays are one of the rugged panel PC products manufactured by the firm.
Multi-function displays are produced for naval customers
IRT products and solutions are ideal for military customers and the special forces.

In particular, products IRTS is known for manufacturing include ultra-rugged displays and electronics, panel computers, multi-function displays, video displays, and large-size and full HD screens.

All products and solutions are available in industrial, rugged or ultra-rugged class and are qualified to meet the most demanding professional and environmental standards (MIL-STD167/461/810, GAM EG 13, ECDIS, DO160).

Ruggedisation, mechatronics, and optics

IRTS concentrates on a number of technologies, as well as manufacturing products.

This includes ruggedisation (mechanics, electronics, optics), mechatronics; mechanical and electronic design, displays (NVIS, FLIR, high brightness, dimming), optics (LCD CCFL, LCD LED, bonding), firmware development, and integrated logistics support (ILS).

The firm also supports THALES Communication France with its ultra-rugged smart displays to enhance the operational capability of the advanced PANHARD CRAB vehicle which is equipped with CMI company’s turret.

Dedicated electronic design team

As well as focusing on electronic technologies, IRTS handles many other areas of the design and manufacturing processes of electronics systems and ultra rugged display solutions.

This includes electronic design, placement / routing and fabrication of prototypes, the development of protypes, and the possible inclusion of basic software and mechanical design.