SunDanzer supplies state-of-the-art, cost-effective refrigeration systems for military environments.

Food and water storage for military applications

SunDanzer’s military division responds to Department of Defence (DOD) requirements for fuel-efficient refrigeration and cooling systems in the field. SunDanzer provides ‘fieldable’ systems that use complete or partial solar photovoltaic power systems. Potable water cooling, food storage and air-conditioning systems all benefit from SunDanzer’s technology development.

The battery-free vaccine (BFRV) refrigerators can be used for food and water storage in military applications with limited available power. The solar-powered military direct-drive refrigerator needs no logistic support, fuel or maintenance once deployed.

SunDanzer innovative refrigerators offer food and water storage for military applications.
The SunDanzer BFRV55 supplies vaccine storage using solar, direct-drive, battery-free technology.
No batteries are necessary to operate the solar-powered, direct-drive SunDanzer medical refrigerator.
The DCR50 refrigerator or freezer has extremely low-energy consumption, requiring smaller, more cost-effective power systems and operating expenditure.

Refrigeration systems for medical product maintenance

Maintaining medical products such as perishable vaccines at a controlled temperature range (2°C to 8°C) is simplified in the low-resource settings provided by SunDanzer’s refrigeration systems.

The inherent design of the refrigeration units prevents overheating and accidental freezing. Long-duration autonomy and holdover during prolonged power shortages are guaranteed for three days or more by phase-change material embedded inside the refrigerator.

Electronic microcontroller thermostatic regulation eliminates operator adjustment. The interior of the refrigerators are rugged aluminium-plate supplied with organising baskets.

Solar direct-drive medical refrigerators with freezing damage prevention

No batteries are required for the operation of the solar-powered direct drive SunDanzer medical refrigerator.

Solar photovoltaic panels are used directly by the refrigerator to make a synthetic ‘ice’ that freezes above the temperature that damages vaccines and medical products. These units are pre-qualified by the World Health Organization and highly effective against freezing damage anywhere inside the refrigerator.

The SunDanzer direct drive refrigeration system is delivered as a complete kit, including solar panels and tools for easy assembly.

The solar PV array is unique and purposely designed for direct drive operation, with east and west facing panels that maximise the running time of the compressor, ensuring the maximum amount of cooling each day. The 55l and 15l solar direct-drive refrigerators are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Intermittent mains refrigerators for unreliable electrical sources

The SunDanzer medical refrigerator is used with electrical power sources that are intermittent or unreliable, and will autonomously maintain a safe temperature in extreme thermal conditions for extended time periods.

The synthetic ‘ice’ keeps the internal temperature within the typical medical operating range, never dropping below 0°C. It is suited for use with discontinuous generator power and sporadic mains electricity. The universal power input (80V AC-264V AC, and 10V DC-31V DC) allows simple deployment to worldwide locations from a single customer supply stock. Rugged crating for international shipment is included.

Low-maintenance, direct-drive solar refrigerators

The direct-drive, solar-powered medical refrigerator is simple to install as it does not use batteries or a charge controller. The solar panels connect directly to the back of the refrigerator using the supplied standard MC4 connectors.

The refrigerator itself has passive heat exchangers that use no fans and cannot be clogged by debris in off-grid environments. Condensation collects at the bottom of the refrigerator and is drained as necessary through a service port.

Solar array commissioning and refrigerator training

On-site technical training is available from SunDanzer for installation and commissioning of the solar array. Remote temperature monitoring equipment is offered and can be supplied as part of the crated kit.

SunDanzer refrigerators can be supplied in flat tan or green colour when ordered in sufficient quantities.

About SunDanzer

SunDanzer was established in 1999 by the head of NASA’s Advanced Technology Refrigeration Project, in order to offer realistic, sustainable solutions for off-grid refrigeration requirements.

This technology resulted in the first battery-free solar-powered refrigerator designed for small, off-grid consumers. Since then, SunDanzer has grown to provide a wide range of products, with focus on direct current (DC) refrigeration.