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Italian firm OMP Engineering has been supplying self-contained, integrated, movable and mobile life support systems for nearly 50 years.

These systems are used in camps and in the field by armed forces, civil defence and civil protection agencies, as well as disaster relief organisations, civil engineering, and construction companies. OMP products are also ideal for infrastructure development projects.

Field structures, water and weapon systems for the armed forces

OMP Life Support Systems comprises water systems, field structures and facilities, systems for weapons, healthcare, and training.

OMP-SMUN is used for handling, storing and transporting munitions and explosives with the maximum security. It has three protected and alarmed windows on the roof that in case of accidental explosion would convey the blast upwards.
OMP-A.T.ISOL has been used to treat in-patients with suspected Ebola, Lassa, and Marburg haemorrhagic fevers, as it represents the only available technical mean of reliably maintaining airborne isolation in a military transport.
OMP-WPC (water purification container) can produce up to 6.000l of potable water from seawater.
OMP-FIELD PHARMACY is a mobile and rapidly deployable field pharmacy on an ISO 1C 20in container, transportable also on-board a C130J.
OMP-GREEN GO is a machine for treating hospital waste, allowing potentially infectious medical waste to be finely ground and sterilised by turning them into urban solid waste (CER 200301) or refuse-derived fuel (CER 191210). The system is placed in a LD3 module and on a trailer.
OMP-S.T.ISOL. is a self-contained isolation facility designed to ensure the safest ambulance transportation of infected patients (such as Ebola, Lassa and Marburg haemorrhagic fevers, Mers and Sars).
OMP-FIELD PHARMACY is a mobile and rapidly deployable field pharmacy on an ISO 1C 20in container, transportable also on-board a C130J. It is suitable for deployment in extremely cold environments (up to -32°C)

OMP products are currently used by the Italian Armed Forces and other Nato countries, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Water pre-treatment and treatment systems to eliminate contaminated water

OMPs water systems division includes water pre-treatment, and water treatment systems, as well as systems to treat water contaminated by war agents, waste water systems, and also water distribution.

The use of green energy is also included, all arranged in mobile and movable self-contained solutions such as:

  • Water pre-treatment, including elimination of suspended solids and elimination of virus and bacteria
  • Water purification, including systems for treating saline and brackish water as well as water contaminated by war agents
  • Water recycling systems for both grey and black water.

Each module is a very compact processing unit, configured and customised according to the end-user’s specific requirements within a specially adapted container.

These modules can be standalone or integrated to provide more complete overall solutions.

Field structures and facilities for the military

Included in the field structures and facilities sector of OMP’s portfolio is tent facilities, field workshops, field canteens, recreational facilities, laboratories, and field storage units.

Also included are field vehicle revisions, storage media, fuel stations and lubricants, as well as customised field solutions on LD3 modules.

The numerous capabilities of OMP Engineering are embodied in the AFIS Mobile (Aerodrome Flight Information System). This is a rapid deployable transportable air traffic control system, transportable inside a C130J without any need for a key loader.

The roof has been designed to collapse so that the height of the trailer and the cabin together can be boarded in the C130J. This feature makes deployable operations faster than ever before, keeping the electromagnetic (EMC) shield protection at very high standards.

NBC masks, ammunitition and expoisives for the weapons sector

OMP’s systems available for weapons sector involve cleaning and servicing of arms and nuclear biological chemical (NBC) masks, metals detection, module for transport and stocking of arms, ammunition and explosives.

A particular product of this division is OMP-SMUN, which is a mobile insulated, armoured ISO 1C container that is designed for the transportation and storage of explosives and ammunitions. It embodies all requirements in order to ensure the safest transportation and storage of explosive items.

The whole unit is equipped with heating and A/C protected by lockable doors and an alarm system to avoid unauthorised personnel entrance.

The unit is approved by international certifying bodies and compliant with CSU, UIC, RINA and IATA regulations.

It can be transported by road, sea or plane and is designed as a functional complement of OMP-WAMSU, made up by OMP-ARM-001, a module for cleaning and servicing weapons, and OMP-SARM-001 used for the storage of firearms.

OMP-SMUN has been successfully used in military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gibuti.

Healthcare technology to treat hypothermia

The healthcare division designs and produces technology to treat hypothermia both in emergency situations and during operations in hospitals.

It also provides systems to safely transport patients both by air and by road with Ebola or haemorrhagic fevers in general, as well as systems for field pharmacies, and modular shelter hospitals with white chamber.

One of the most impressive products is represented by OMP-A.T.ISOL. This is a self-contained isolation facility designed to ensure the safest air transportation of infected patients during air evacuation.

It represents the most effective and biocontainment solution for transferring and giving first medical assistance to patients infected by potentially lethal pathogens (such as Ebola, Lassa and Marburg haemorrhagic fevers, Mers and Sars). At the same time it protects medical personnel, as well as air crew from the exposure to the infectious agents.

OMP-A.T.ISOL. consists of a self-contained plastic isolation facility provided with negative pressure and high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filtration of outgoing air.

OMP-A.T.ISOL has been procured by the Italian Military Air Force and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Dedicated life support training centres

OMP’s commitment to quality service is reinforced by its dedicated life support training centre.

The company’s qualified experts ensure that customers have the best resources available for support and service.