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Field Hospitals and Remote Medical Facilities for Defence Environments

FORTS has more than 30 years of experience creating new and innovative shelters for adverse environments.

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FORTS has more than 30 years of experience creating new and innovative shelters for adverse environments.

The company’s facilities are designed to bring speed and flexibility to medical applications worldwide.

Miltary shelters for remote locations

Each FORTS shelter can be deployed as a stand-alone facility or connected with other shelters. The same shelter can be used for multiple purposes by switching out the integrated medical equipment and supplies.

FORTS shelters can be used as an individual facility or linked with other shelters.
FORTS' unique unloading and levelling system means no specialty on-site equipment is required.
FORTS employees opening one of the shelter roofs to prepare for use.
FORTS workers deploying a shelter floor and walls for use.
Interchangable medical equipment is kept inside the shelters.
FORTS field hospitals include a 12h to 24h provision of interchangeable medical procedure kits.
FORTS equipment monitoring system confirms everything is always ‘mission-ready’.

All FORTS shelters are designed for compatibility with worldwide shipping systems, with a full range such as field hospitals, medical / dental clinics, isolation units, mass casualty decontamination units, mass fatality units, patient wards and staff housing.

FORTS developed ground breaking fold-out technology to create rapidly deployable, durable and highly energy-efficient shelters ideal for remote medicine around the globe. With its 260,000ft² design, engineering and production facility currently expanding to 410,000ft², FORTS is positioned to meet the extensive demand for its solutions.

CBRN multi-layered defence system for exposure protection

Using FORTS shelters, staff and patients are protected from chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) exposure via a multi-layered defence system, which allows patient care to continue without delay.

The combined capabilities of filtration, decontamination, surveillance and monitoring allows staff and patients to function effectively within a secure environment.

Fold-out rigid wall shelters for high-quality medical facilities

FORTS utilises its fold-out rigid wall technology to provide comfortable, easily deployable, and enhanced portable shelters for adverse environments.

Each shelter uses CSC certified ISO Container frames, which insures compatibility with international shipping standards by land, sea or air.

With FORTS’ exclusive unloading and levelling system, there is no need to source specialty on-site equipment, such as forklifts or cranes, to deploy a shelter. These features make FORTS shelters the fastest remote and emergency medical facilities worldwide.

Automated and integrated medical utilities and equipment

All utility systems and medical equipment are monitored and controlled through advanced system automation. Electricity, potable water and medical gas generation systems are built-in along with communication, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), air filtration, sanitary waste and decontamination systems as required.

Interchangeable medical equipment is kept in a ‘mission-ready’ state within each shelter, and the medical stations are able to support intensive care, obstetric, pediatric care, surgery and dialysis. Each station is simply rolled into position once the shelter is deployed.

With FORTS’ equipment monitoring system the location, preventative maintenance and operational status insures staff can provide fast, high-quality care.

Medical procedure supplies for emergency patients

Each field hospital includes a 12h to 24h supply of interchangeable medical procedure kits, critical for handling an initial surge of patients until medical supplies can be replenished. With clear labels and simple-to-follow directions in each medical procedure kit, new or less skilled personnel will be effective immediately.

Inventory management is made easy with FORTS barcode labels on all consumables to facilitate proactive stock rotation, automated ordering and timely inventory restocking.

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FORTS Medical
4650 Lyons Technology Pkwy
Coconut Creek
FL 33073
United States of America