Advanced Micro Peripherals (AMP) designs and manufactures advanced rugged embedded computer solutions for military applications.

Our board and system products are suitable for encoding or decoding H.264 video, storage, streaming and processing. We have delivered high-quality products for demanding rugged military applications around the world.

Advanced embedded military video products

AMP’s board level video product range includes ultra-low latency H.264 codecs, streaming and recording modules, display format converters and capture frame grabbers. High-level data link control (HDLC) / synchronous data link control (SDLC), CANbus, RS232/422/485, multi-channel Ethernet switching and wireless local area network (WLAN) serial communication controllers can also be provided.

Our system level products include a multi-channel video streamer / server and a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-channel video acquisition appliance. Form factors such as CompactPCI-Serial, miniPCIe, PC104, switched mezzanine card (XMC), and PCI mezzanine card (PMC) are available.

AMP offers the microHydra multi-channel video acquisition appliance for UAV applications, including surveillance and reconnaissance requiring more functionality in rugged, compact environments.
The STANAGVGA-IS is an independent scan converter for STANAG3350 inputs, converting them VGA signals. It is available for STANAG3350 Class A, Class B or Class C operation.
Our StreamCorder-HD-SDI is a stand-alone H.264 streaming solution for HD-SDI input at up to 1080p30 and encodes and streams over 100MBit / 1,000MBit Ethernet. The single board solution is ideal for demanding applications in the military industry.

Software development kits and drivers for our products are compatible for Window and Linux systems. Our rugged solutions have ultra-low latency with operating temperatures between -40˚C and 85˚C.

Military vehicle multi-channel mission recorders

Most ground and aerial military assets are equipped with a range of video cameras and sensors. Recording, displaying and streaming the different video streams normally requires a customised rugged device for each vehicle or aircraft.

AMP’s StreamCorders simplify and enhance the design and deployment of customised multi-channel recorders. Our rugged StreamCorders are standalone single-board streaming digital video recorders (DVRs). Available with common high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) interfaces, they can be combined in a range of configurations for a fully customised solution.

Aircraft and vehicle digital video recorders

StreamCorders can be used to capture, compress and stream video from the vehicle mission computer (DVI), turret electro-optical sensor (HD-SDI) turret infrared sensor (SD) and RS170 cameras (SD). This provides complete situational awareness and a comprehensive mission archive.

Compressed video streams are stored by the host central processing unit (CPU) on an attached hard drive. They can be played back and viewed live inside the vehicle or remotely using a secure tactical communications link.

StreamCorders offer a rugged, complete and highly versatile multi-channel DVR solution that can be customised to the sensors of any vehicle with minimal development time. Some of the product’s features include:

  • Six-channel mission recording system
  • SD, HD-SDI and DVI inputs
  • High-quality H.264 decode at full frame rate
  • Live remote streaming and playback
  • Full integration with all vehicle sensors
  • Optional audio recording
  • Complete off-the-shelf hardware and software solution

Aircraft cockpit display upgrade

Video-capable sensors such as radars, forward-looking infrared (FLIR) or video-guided missiles are capable of Analogue Video Standard for Aircraft System Applications (STANAG) 3350 video output. Aircraft that incorporate these sensors feature analogue the original displays from when they were manufactured. Since then, the technology has developed.

AMP’s ScanVerter allows cockpit displays or sensors to be upgraded with the latest digital technology while ensuring it remains compatible with original STANAG 3350 components.

Our application synchronously records video, embedded metadata and cockpit audio. Recordings and live previews of the complete operating scenario are available for mission personnel and commanders.

About Advanced Micro Peripherals

AMP is an ISO-9001 registered manufacturer of rugged embedded boards and systems. Established in 1993, the company has grown from a computer design and broadcast system specialist and developed advanced expertise in video technology.

The company is based near Cambridge, UK, and has a sales office in New York, US, to support customers in North and South America.

Our technical expertise in embedded video compression, conversion, display and design of CPU cards and communication products is integral to our business development.

AMP engineers design all products, allowing the company to provide comprehensive technical support and diagnose problems to create a customised cost-effective solution or recommend a product from our standard range.

The company finds pre-sales and post-sales support essential in establishing long-term client relationships. We use a range of management tools to note, track and reply to technical issues, sharing the necessary information with our support channel.