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Modular Flat-Pack Buildings, Mobile Shelters and Turn-Key Military Camps

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D&D-Fast Response Building (D&D-FRB) works closely with its clients to design and provide turn-key military camps and settlements, from concept and construction to full operation. D&D-FRB manufactures rapidly-deployable, pre-engineered, modular mobile buildings and shelters using state-of-the-art concepts and technology.


The design concept for D&D-FRB’s Fast-Response Buildings (FRBs) was to simplify and speed up the response to immediate needs for safe, comfortable and secure shelter. The result is a simple, reliable, high-quality product, optimised to maximise logistics. This cost-effective technology is ideal for military and humanitarian aid operations, as FRBs possess the following advantages:

  • Extremely fast and very cost-effective thanks to their simple design
  • Optimised use of all modes of transport, with deployment via air, land and sea
  • Little or no site / ground preparation required
  • A modular and flexible design that can be easily extended and adapted
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Durable in all weather conditions, with high insulation that adds comfort
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning available
  • Living quarter, kitchen, and toilet / shower accessories readily available


D&D-FRB’s flat-pack fast-response buildings have all been designed by ex-military personnel who understand problems experienced in the field. To this end, our units are designed to fit on standard NATO shipping and air-dropping pallets. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with EU standards, and are also ISO 9001-2000 certified.

The floors, walls and roofs of D&D-FRB flat-pack fast-response buildings are constructed with state-of-the-art Structural Insulated Composite Panels (SIPs). These high-strength, low-weight elements allow the fast construction of buildings that combine personal security, privacy and comfort with durability and low-maintenance.

Designed to fit on NATO shipping and air-dropping pallets, modular flat-pack FRBs make transportation simpler, faster and more cost-effective.
The durable and multi-purpose units of DND-FRB are simple, reliable, high-quality products designed to function in the harshest field and climate conditions.
The turn-key military camps of DND-FRB offer safe, functional and secure buildings for all shelter purposes, with fully-accessorised living quarters available when required.
D&D-FRB's military products are developed and designed by ex-military personnel of DND who understand field conditions and requirements, ensuring that all units, including the observation tower, are modular and flat-pack.
D&D-FRB can supply turn-key emergency villages to provide a rapid and effective response to natural disasters, conflicts, civilian projects and emergencies which require immediate management of human flows or safe storage.

The SIPs are manufactured using tensioned steel structurally-bonded to high-performance Styrofoam® extruded-insulation produced by Dow Chemical.

Cost-effective pre-storage of these flat-pack units enables an immediate and effective response to unexpected situations, such as conflicts, natural disasters, emergencies, military exercises, commercial and construction needs, and social events.

Due to their simplicity and flexible design, FRBs:

  • Can be easily assembled / disassembled in 15 minutes without requiring specific tools or technical assistance
  • Can be used to build up a camp or a village in a day
  • Require little or no ground preparation
  • Are easily erected on any ground, including sloped terrain
  • Are robust, re-locatable and re-usable many times for many applications


FRBs are available as individual units to be used for operation and communication centres, soldier or staff compounds, accommodation units, offices, infirmaries, dormitories, mobile clinics, construction-site units, stores, mobile schools, medical centres, sports centres and outdoor-events facilities.

D&D-FRB also provide turn-key camp solutions for military, humanitarian aid and commercial application use. Examples of these are fast-deployed military-operational camps, staff compounds for NGOs, transitional settlements for displaced communities, and construction-site accommodation.

D&D-FRB’s modular, flat-pack buildings can be immediately deployed in any situation requiring the immediate management of human flows and safe storage, such as sudden-disaster situations, military exercises or civilian projects.


D&D-FRB’s vision is to demonstrate excellence, reliability and flexibility to our partners in responding immediately to the needs of occupants forced to live under difficult living conditions. We work hard to understand the specific needs and dreams of our partners, owners and occupants, and use that knowledge, in combination with our expertise, to create customised and tangible solutions that serve and protect them.

Our mission is to manufacture high-quality and affordable products and solutions which support our partners from concept to full operation, through the design and development of new technologies and services.

Past military and emergency shelter projects D&D-FRB has successfully implemented include:

  • Accommodation units, kitchens, toilets and other equipment for the military
  • Three emergency villages constructed in the tsunami-affected area of Indonesia
  • Three villages erected within three days of floods in south-west Turkey
  • NGO offices erected in Indonesia, Turkey and Pakistan
  • Government offices erected in Turkey and Pakistan
  • School campuses built in Pakistan and Turkey
  • Homes erected in Turkey and Africa


  • Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAV

    Bayraktar TB2 is a medium altitude and long-range (MALE) tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system manufactured by Baykar Makina, for the Turkish Armed Forces.

D&D-Fast Response Buildings, Inc.
Serencebey Mah. Mehmet Ali Bey Sokak
Kumcuoglu Apt. No:10/1 34353 Besiktas