Öztiryakiler (Ozti) manufactures and exports high quality commercial kitchen equipment for the food service and military industries.

The firm also offers complete turnkey projects worldwide.

Cooking, preparation service kitchen products

Ozti has more than 4,500 different types of kitchen equipment in its range. It provides numerous different products, including equipment for cooking, preparation, carrying, and service, as well as gas and electrical appliances, stainless steel equipment and dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Field support systems and field catering equipment for the military

Ozti has recently introduced a new military range to its product catalogue. This line features a number of field support systems and field catering equipment.

Products in this range include containerised kitchens, field kitchens, mobile purification systems, mobile bakeries, mobile laundries, containerised cold rooms and freezers, and ablution units and mobile showers.

These products all adhere to strict military requirements under field conditions.

Heavy investment in market research and design

The firm takes the quality of its products very seriously. Ozti continually invests in and develops its market research, as well as its design and R&D departments.

Methodical training is also given by the firm in all of its departments and modern production technologies are used for the most up-to-date products the company can provide.

Ozti also follows total quality management and aims for total customer satisfaction.

Training programmes and seminars

Ozti offers training programmes and seminars which cover topics such as maintenance, repair and operation of its products. These sessions take place either in armed forces catering school or in the firm’s factory in Instanbul.

This tuition is run by experts and can take place in field condition. The sessions come complete with operating video films as well as user and service manuals.

Trained distributors and maintenance teams

Distributors and maintenance teams are trained by Otzi to ensure the service of products.

The firm also makes sure with its distributors that all moving spares are kept in stock and that relevant parts are guaranteed to available ten years from the delivery date.