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Versatile Military Headwear

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In 1992 Original Buff created a pioneering product category; tubular headgear. Buff® is now the leading brand of seamless, multi-purpose and multi-functional headwear and continues at the forefront of this category.

Versatile headwear for military personnel

Buff® headwear is incredible useful, always innovative, extremely versatile and is probably the most comfortable headwear you can own. As well as offering protection from fire, dust, cold, wind and sun, Buff® headwear can also be worn, for example, as a scarf, cap, bandana, mask, balaclava or helmet-liner.

Buff® Protection is dedicated to the protection of the working professional in the military and industrial markets and you won’t find anything else as comfortable or as versatile.

Multipurpose tubular head garment

After the success achieved in the sport market, in 2006, Original Buff began developing and marketing a new range called Buff® Protection. This comprises of multipurpose tubular garments aimed at the professional and industrial markets. The Buff® Protection collection consists of five product families of Buff® headwear. These five product lines use five different fabric technologies to suit various situations and weather conditions. These are Dry-Cool Buff®, Thermal Buff®, Polar Buff®, Windproof Buff® and Fire-Resistant Buff®.

How to Wear a Buff® Headwear
Buff® headwears are ideal for military personnel as protect them against different situations and weather conditions
Buff® tubular can be customized with any camouflage or design
There is a suitable Buff® headwear product for each situation or weather condition

Hot-weather military headwear

Dry-Cool Buff® is a multifunctional piece of Buff® headwear made with Coolmax® Extreme fabric and is ideal for hot weather. This special fabric draws perspiration away from the skin allowing the moisture to quickly evaporate whilst offering 95% protection from UV rays.

Cold-weather military headwear

Thermal Buff® is a multifunctional and seamless neck protection wear made with Thermolite®. This lightweight fabric, with hollow-core fibers, will both insulate and draw moisture from the skin. This will provide superb comfort to the wearer as well as body temperature maintenance in cold weather.

Insulated headwear for military personnel

Polar Buff® is a tubular made by joining a seamless tube of Thermolite® to a tube of Polartec® fleece. Each fabric contributes to maintaining a good body temperature through effective insulation when worn in low temperatures.

Military headwear for arctic conditions

Windproof Buff® is a multifunctional piece of headwear made with a double layer of Thermolite®, combined with Goretex Windstopper® and polar fleece from Polartec®. Windproof Buff® offers the best neck and head protection against the cold and wind due to its insulating layer of warm air between the wearer’s skin and the product.

Fire-resistant military headwear

Fire Resistant Buff® is a tubular garment made with DuPont™ Nomex® and XLA™ for greater comfort. Certified as Personal Protective Equipment which protects the wearer under standards EN-340, EN ISO 11612-08 and EN1149-5/08, Fire Resistant Buff® is resistant to fire and is anti-static. This product is ideal for military personnel, police officers, fire fighters or electrical / chemical / petrochemical industrial workers who require protection from heat and flames or other thermal hazards.

Buff® Protection products are different from other products you can find in the market because they are multifunctional, seamless, elastic and versatile.

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    In BUFF we work to expand our product range constantly. Our R&D department has two clear objectives when developing products for the professional line: they have to protect and be functional.


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