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Tactical / Civilian Helipads and Helimat Products for Military Helicopters

CGear has been supplying tactical helimat and tactical extraction platforms to the military industry for more than 12 years.


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Cgear Australia

CGear has been supplying tactical helimat and tactical extraction platforms to the military industry for more than 12 years.

CGear provides products to the Australian Army, the US Marines and the UK MoD, and focuses on solutions for sand and dust abatement, as well as foreign object damage (FOD) and brownout challenges for helicopter landing and take-off.

Tactical helimat for brownout helicopter landing solutions

The CGear Tactical Helimat has been designed and manufactured to efficiently and effectively resolve brownout on helicopter landing zones.

CGear has provided the military industry with tactical helimats and extraction platforms for more than 12 years.
The company's products are used by the Australian Army, the US Marines and the UK MoD.
The CGear Tactical Helimat has been especially designed and manufactured as a solution for 'Brownout' on helicopter landing zones.
The tactical helimat can be customised for an extensive variety of requirements and tasks in the defence sector.
The CGear Tactical Extraction Platform was created for personnel rescue and deployment in adverse and challenging conditions.
The tactical extraction platform's innovative design and flexibility makes it ideal for helicopter use within military, civil and emergency services worldwide.
CGear Australia has designed and patented the only landing zone (LZ) to eliminate 'brownout'.
The CGear LZ has been used since 2006 by the US Marines, as well as the UK and Australian armies.

The helimat is easy to deploy, lightweight and easily transportable, as well as tough and durable. Made with a fabric that is resistant to damage, wear and petrochemicals, it also offers a secure helipad in adverse environmental conditions such as dust and debris, snow, mudslides and bushfires.

The helimat is highly versatile for military applications, with a customisable shape to suit a wide range of requirements and tasks.

These include the forward planning and refuelling points (FARPS) for pack up and deploy operations, increasing helicopter ‘time over target’, along with the option to lay the helimat in and around medical and logistical installations and headquarters to maintain low dust levels.

Brownout elimination using extreme lightweight helimat landing zones

Cgear Australia has designed and patented the only landing zone (LZ) that eliminates brownout, resulting in increased maintenance savings when landing in desert conditions.

The LZ has been designed to be configurable with all helicopter sizes to eliminate brownout. It needs to be a minimum of 4m; approximately 13ft greater than the rotor diameter of any helicopter to prevent brownout, which then covers the Vortex downwash that causes the brownout issues.

The Cgear LZ has been in use since 2006 in Iraq, where the US Marines deployed more than six million square feet of LZ’s. It is also in use by the British and Australian Armies.

LZ’s are configured using segments that measure 6.1m x 6.1m: 20ft x 20ft, and weigh less than 21.5kg / 47lb. Configurations consist of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7.

Product capabilities include:

  • Full brownout elimination
  • Reduces maintenance required by desert landings and take-offs by more than 90%, with payback of less than four weeks continual use
  • Increases time over target (TOT) of fleet, which has 30% ‘virtual’ increase effect
  • Extremely lightweight (less than 600kg: 1,320lb complete HLZ) and only four cubic metres for a 5×5 HLZ suitable for Blackhawks, Supa Pumas, Tigers and Apaches
  • Deployed and lifted in less than 60 minutes by eight trained personnel
  • UV protection and rip-stop technology so any tear does not become larger
  • Low cost compared to heavyweight LZ competitors
  • LZ’s are available for immediate delivery
  • NSN NV: 1710-66-159-6469
  • NSN Repair Kit: 1710-66-159-6472
  • Night vision (NV): capable of being seen with night vision goggles from 1km; no strobe lighting required, no mechanical failure possible
  • LZ segments can be secured to the ground by lightweight pegs and self-tightening straps. Pegs only require a club hammer to insert in extremely hard ground
  • There is no need for mechanical hammers which can fail due to polluted diesel mix, no diesel supplies and actual mechanical breakdown, which prevent other LZ’s from being deployed

LZ minimum sizes required to prevent brownout by segments consist of:

  • Supa Puma: Caracal, H225, NH 90, Blackhawk UH-60, MI-17: Rotor diameter: 16.2m to 21.25m: 48ft to 69ft. LZ size: 5×5 segments: 30.5m x 30.5m: 100ft x 100ft
  • Tiger HAP, Bell-412, Apache AH-64: Rotor Diameter: 13m to 14.63m: 43ft to 48ft. LZ size: 4×4 segments: 24.4m x 24.4m: 80ft x 80ft
  • Chinook CH-47: Rotor Diameter: 30.18m: 99ft LZ size: 6×6 segments: 36.6m x 36.6m: 120ft x 120ft

Tactical extraction platform for helicopter rescue and deployment

The CGear Tactical Extraction Platform was designed for personnel rescue and deployment in adverse environments.

Originally designed to be used for deployment by helicopters, the platform is now used for marine rescue and on-board oil and gas platforms for transferring personnel and cargo.

The platform’s innovative, unique design and flexibility does not affect flight performance and allows compatibility with a wide range of helicopters worldwide.

It can be deployed through the helicopter’s trap door, bottom winch or side winch on certified helicopters. The tactical extraction platform was designed to be dropped from a helicopter automatically opening within five seconds of cable tension or manually opened by ground personnel.

Compared with current personnel evacuation and deployment methods from helicopters such as ladders and ropes, which allow evacuation or deployment of a single person at a time, the Tactical Extraction Platform provides versatile deployment or evacuation for up to ten personnel.

The 7m² platform enables operation in areas with uneven terrain such as hills, deserts and urban zones, as well as deployment and evacuation from aquatic environments. The open position of the platform is secured by an automatic locking system while personnel are secured to the platform by safety belts attached to its central pole.

About CGear

Established in 2003, Melbourne-based CGear Australia designs and manufactures multi-layered meshed nylon products for military and outdoor / recreational markets.

The company also provides recreational and outdoor products such as multimats that provide a clean and dust-free environment for camping sites, special events, and / or work areas, as well as for campers, and caravan and motor home owners.

CGear additionally offers military lightweight flooring products used for tent flooring, outdoor work areas, shade cloths, and screen applications.

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