Since its establishment, Beijing Defense focuses on the manufacturing of EOD/IED disposal equipment and search systems. As a professional supplier of anti-terrorist and homeland security equipment, Beijing Defense believes that continued success depends upon the ability to provide superior quality products and services at the most competitive price. We promote passion to transcend with a “can-do” spirit at all levels of our organization. Integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction are our core values.

The key business areas of Beijing Defense include:

  • EOD and IED disposal equipment
  • Bomb search and detection systems

Counter IED products

Our counter-IED products are developed and manufactured according the best quality standards of the security and defense industry. During the past years, with the support of our valued customers, Beijing Defense, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has made great achievement, and parts of the products have been certified by the Ministry of Public Security of People’s Republic of China and other foreign agencies.

EOD and IED disposal equipment

All of our counter-EOD and IEDD equipment has been especially developed and designed for bomb disposal experts. The equipment helps EOD experts to handle any suspect packages in relative safety, and also can help them finish the task more accurately and efficiently. This series products include the bomb disposal suit, cooling suit, EOD search suit and accessories, bomb blanket, disruptor, telescopic manipulator, bomb container, low noise drill kit, handheld metal detector, portable jamming system, electronic stethoscope, cell phone jamming system, non-magnetic tool sets, and a full range of hook & line kits, such as the vehicle access kit, door access kit, vehicle towing kit, Engine Compartment Tool, lightweight tripod and heavy duty tripod, etc.

Example of EOD protective system in use.
Protective apparel from Beijing Defense.
Bomb detection and disposal equipment from Beijing Defense.
Bomb disposal equipment for safe efficient EOD threat disposal.
Specialist bomb disposal equipment from Beijing Defense.

Bomb search and detection systems

Our bomb search and detection systems allow police and security officers to locate any potential IED threats quickly. These products can help the operator to inspect and check confined spaces which usually prove problematic to search teams. Our bomb detection products include under-vehicle search mirrors, telescopic search mirrors, vehicle video search systems, and tactical video search system.