CAE-AVIATION is the European leader in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance services (ISR). We provide a full turnkey air-to-ground surveillance and reconnaissance (AGSR) service at short notice for governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Our fully integrated ISR detection, observation, command and control systems gives to the local military, police or disaster relief commander “an eye in the sky” enabling him to use his strength and assets to maximum effect.

Selected by NATO, EU forces and many European ministries of defence and interior, CAE-AVIATION air-to-ground surveillance and reconnaissance AGSR services are maximizing intelligence collection while minimizing operational costs.

Image intelligence

CAE AVIATION supplies an autonomous intelligence capacity of image origin with highly qualified interpreters and analysts to provide the tasker with full reporting i.a.w NATO ATP-47a standard as well as geo-referencing and a complete IMINT database creation. “ISARD” and “CAE-Workshop”, two company developed softwares allows quick and efficient classification, analyze, and management. It is available for sale with the training of your own analyst as well as the training on different tools, from identification to reporting.

Transformer sub-station: filmed by an MX15 HD, 1,500 m from target.
Transformer sub-station: same scene, infrared band, 1,500 m from target
Registration of a boat, filmed by an MX15HD, 3,200m from target.
Real time Full Flow Video and voice, encrypted downlink enables to send tactical information instantly, to friendly ground and air security forces engaged, all this while remaining undetected.
C-208B Cessna Caravan.

Air surveillance and reconnaissance

Over the past four years we have provided over 7,000 hours of air surveillance and reconnaissance. Our current applications are law and order maintenance operations, wildfire detection, surveillance of ground and maritime borders, as well as the survey of illegal migration.

Our fleet is composed of C-208B Cessna Caravan, SW3A Fairchild Merlin, Casa 212-300, Turbine Islander and Short Skyvan. A dozen aircraft are fully dedicated to ISR mission and the different types of airplanes are taylored to the specific requirements of the missions

CAE-AVIATION owns, operates, modifies and maintains the whole fleet, and can provide integration/ modifications to different customers.

Surveillance and reconnaissance equipment

Our range of mission equipment comprises of:

  • MX15, MX15HD, and MX20 from L3-Wescam (EO electro-optical and IR infra red sensors for day and night operations, 1,000mm to 3,200mm spotter, WALI, Wide Angle Laser Illuminator)
  • Moving map system from aerocomputers
  • Digital reconnaissance cameras (50 MPIX)
  • Search and rescue radar (RDR 1400 and RDR 1500)
  • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
  • Consoles (CAE-Aviation developed)
  • Real-time video downlink (up to 200km)

Parachute training camp

CAE-AVIATION owns Para Training camp, the largest European professional structure for military parachuting for armies and special forces, for freefall and Static Line jumps. We provide a permanent dedicated airspace fitting night and day HAHO and HALO requirements, canopy penetration, together with a large primary landing zone, as well as alternate DZ’s ranging from fields, to semi-urban terrain such as soccer fields, and parking lots.

The premises also consist of a restaurant, accommodation for camps up to 70 people, dedicated technical facilities (packing area, headquarters and video rooms, wireless Internet access…).

Three tailgate military version airplanes from CAE Aviation’s fleet are operated, a SHORT Skyvan, one Casa 212-300, a -200 and a Cessna Grnad Caravan C-208B…