Founded in 1908, Seyntex is a 100% family-owned company with more than 100 years industry experience. Our high-tech facilities and wealth of experience allow us to manufacture high-end textile products for a wide and varied range of sectors worldwide.

SEYNTEX has the neccessary infrastructure and highly qualified technicians for research and development of high technology textile applications for the military sector, including own ballistic testing range. Our quality control procedures according to ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 guarantee a consistently high level of quality in all the production processes of our defence range.

Protective clothing

SEYNTEX manufactures a complete range of combat clothing, including field jackets, trousers, shirts and thermal liners in various fabrics in plain colours or featuring camouflage prints. We also supply a range of weatherproof clothing featuring welded or taped seams and made from various breathable fabrics .

SEYNTEX’s range of military protective clothing also includes a variety of coveralls and flight suits.

SEYNTEX manufactures a complete range of military clothing, including field jackets, trousers, shirts and thermal liners.
SEYNTEX manufactures fully certified NBC protection systems.
SEYNTEX manufactures a certified range of ballistic and stab-resistant body armour.
SEYNTEX manufacture a large range of tents.
SEYNTEX also supply a wide range of camouflage solutions.

NBC clothing

SEYNTEX manufactures fully certified nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection systems including suits, butyl gloves and overshoes, and NBC casualty bags.

Ballistic protection

SEYNTEX manufactures a certified range of ballistic and stab-resistant body armour and accessories such as ceramic or polyethylene plate inserts. We also supply EOD suits and upgrade kits for vehicles.

Rucksack systems

SEYNTEX manufacture personal load-carrying systems including rucksacks, pouches, belts and webbing.

Sleeping systems

SEYNTEX supplies a range of outdoor sleeping systems including sleeping bags, liners, compression sacks, camp beds and mosquito nets.


SEYNTEX manufacture a large range of tents, including inflatable or frame type tents, heavy-duty fabrics or lightweight, single or double roof, high wall tents, hospital tents, camping tents, and desert tents.

Camouflage netting

SEYNTEX also supply multispectral camouflage nets, 3D antiradar / IRR / FR camouflage and thermal blankets.


On his wedding day in 1908, Mr Arthur Seynaeve laid the foundation stone of his factory building in Oostrozebeke. This would herald the start of a burgeoning family-owned company. Through the dynamic spirit of his successors what started as a flourishing flax-weaving mill expanded into a fully integrated textile group with a significant global client base.

Today, SEYNTEX headquarters are located in state-of-the-art facilities in Tiel, Belgium. Due to continuous investments SEYNTEX, which numbers some 1,200 employees worldwide, produces products for a wide range of industries using state of the art machinery in in-house weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, coating, textile printing and manufacturing departments.