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Antenna Solutions for the Defence and Security Industries

From its roots in 1990, Alaris Antennas has grown to become a substantial supplier of advanced Electronic Warfare (EW) antennas. For the global defence and security markets, Alaris Antennas’ mission is to deliver high quality antenna Solutions, on time, through technical and service excellence.

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Alaris Antennas designs and delivers high-quality 9kHz to 18GHz antennas and antenna systems to our customers in the defence and security sectors. The company has specific expertise in Direction Finding (COMINT), Monitoring, Jamming and Communication applications, as well as Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA), Masts and supporting RF Electronics.

Border Control, Counter-RCIED, Counter-UAS, Defence Communications and Electronic Warfare (ECM and ESM) are key Market Segments on which we focus. Supporting services of antenna customisation, DF Calibration, environmental qualification, and antenna placement studies can be supplied.

In-house antenna design services for the defence industry

Our Positioning Statement is as follows: ‘For the global defence and security markets, Alaris Antennas delivers high-quality antennas and antenna systems. The company also offers customisation, which is supported by technical and service excellence. Alaris Antennas has continued to be a trusted and innovative partner to its clients for over two decades.’

DF-A0257 is a triband, low SWaP Adcock DF antenna for manpack direction-finding on the move from 20MHz to 6000MHz. DF-A0245 quad pod antenna can be added for better low-end performance.
The OMNI-A0306 is a high-powered four-port rugged antenna that can withstand impact and is designed for vehicle counter-RCIED applications in the 100MHz to 6000MHz frequency band.
HELI-A0105 is a dual port helical spiral, right-hand circularly polarised antenna designed for counter-UAS applications and operates in the 2400MHz - 2500MHz and 5100MHz - 6000MHz bands.
The DF-A0037 is a wideband 1-3600MHz COMINT antenna suitable for rugged applications. DF-A0037-06 version thereof is formally qualified for naval deployment and is electrically and mechanically hardened for high e-fields.
The DF-A0062 is a five-element direction finding antenna for fixed sites covering a frequency range of 20MHz to 6GHz and includes a separate but fully integrated monitoring antenna.
The LPDA-A0160 directional high-power log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) is primarily designed for counter-UAS. It covers frequency band of 2,000MHz to 6,000MHz with a gain of greater than 9.5dBi.
This vertically polarised omni-directional antenna consists of an active antenna array, covering 20MHz to 6,000MHz for either passive or active monitoring. The antennas are combined under one compact radome.
The LPDA-A0158 is tactical 30MHz to 512MHz 1,000W medium-gain directional LPDA antenna for Electronic Attack. This antenna has foldable elements making it quick to stow and deploy.
A wire cone automated monopole antenna operating 1MHz to 30MHz with a VSWR of less than 2.8:1 over the band. It has superior radiation pattern for HF signal interception.
Vertically polarised, ultra-wideband omni-directional monitoring antenna covers 20MHz to 18,000MHz and is a perfect solution for spectrum monitoring applications. The design is compact and durable for vehicle and mast mount platforms.

Alaris Antennas provides full in-house design services through our highly skilled mechanical and electrical engineers. Our portfolio comprises simulation design, algorithm testing, CAD modelling, prototyping, measurement and industrialisation. We also offer simulation and antenna placement study solutions for optimal antenna configuration deployment.

Alaris Antennas does research and development (R&D), as well as in-house final assembly, testing and quality assurance. The company is ISO 9001:2015-certified and sets quality as an important priority. Our products are designed to meet strict environmental specifications with in-house facilities for testing water ingress, temperature, salt spray and vibration. Electrical tests are also conducted at our onsite semi-anechoic chamber. Through strategic partnerships, we can also offer formal certification and qualification reports.

At Alaris, we build trusting partnerships with our customers, which makes sure they ‘Gain the Advantage’ by finding the proper technical solution for their needs. As a customer-centric company, Alaris Antennas closely collaborates with clients to ensure their requirements are met and the best solution is implemented. This is why our brand essence, PEACE OF MIND, is part of our services.

About Alaris Antennas

The company was originally founded in 1990 as a small consultancy from Wits University doing electromagnetic designs and simulations. By 2002, the company expanded into a Manufacturing concern called Poynting Innovations.

To assist in the financing of the company and the growth thereof, it was listed on the JSE in 2008. In 2012, Radiant Antennas was acquired to expand the product portfolio. This triggered a requirement for more space and in 2014 the company moved to a larger factory in Centurion, Gauteng.

In 2015, with a name change from Poynting Defence and Specialised Antennas to Alaris Antennas, the company joined the Alaris Group. Since then, the company has increased its sales worldwide through either direct engagement with system integrators or appointing new agents/distributors.

Having been around for over 25 years, we will continue to create future-fit solutions for our clients. With 95+ employees from engineering to antenna assembly on the production floor, our people are dedicated to delivering quality products and services. With our COTS product portfolio of over 330+ products, we have an antenna or antenna subsystem that will suit your needs. We are trusted by over 50 system integrators around the globe for our exceptional service.

Alaris Holdings is a leading global radio frequency technology holding company invested in building one of the world’s best RF technology capabilities. It currently has five subsidiaries – Alaris Antennas in South Africa, COJOT in Finland, mWAVE / Alaris USA in the US, Linwave Technologies in the UK and Kuhne Electronics in Germany. The group also leverages its capabilities to enhance products developed by each subsidiary. It was delisted from the JSE in February 2023 with the intention to relist on a new exchange in the near future.

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Alaris Antennas
1 Travertine Avenue
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