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Powered and Non-Powered Diesel Heaters for the Military Industry

International Thermal Research (ITR) of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada was established in 1984 to provide advanced R&D for recreational, commercial, military and governmental institutions in the area of powered and non-powered liquid fueled burners and related heating equipment.

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International Thermal Research (ITR) of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada was established in 1984 to provide advanced R&D for recreational, commercial, military and governmental institutions in the area of powered and non-powered liquid fueled burners and related heating equipment. ITR supplies non-powered diesel heaters to the US and Canadian military as well as to the mining camp, recreational, and outdoor structural markets, particularly for structures used in extreme locations. The MODERN BURNER UNIT (MBU) was developed by ITR for the US Army for use in its field kitchens and became the replacement for the M2 gasoline burner previously used in all US army field kitchen systems.

Over the years, ITR has received numerous patents for its technology, particularly for low pressure atomizing and vaporizing burners. As a result of its R&D, ITR products have expanded to now include the HURRICANE hydronic heating system used in marine applications, the OASIS modular hydronic heating system used for recreational vehicles and trucks and THE WATER HEATER BY ITR used in diverse applications. These DC powered, diesel-fired, central heating boilers are used widely in North America and throughout the world.

Non-powered diesel fueled military space heaters

The non-powered space heater line was designed for safe and efficient operation in extreme weather conditions and includes a patented no-smoke and non-smell non-flooding vaporizing burner. This line is designed for ease of installation and operation. Each heater has a different BTU output and its own unique features.

The SPACE HEATER SMALL (SHS) is individually packed, self contained, and produces 12,000 BTU from a compact and lightweight, 11.5in W X 14in H X 17.5in D, 32lb unit. It has a 1gal fuel tank but can be connected to an external fuel supply. The SPACE HEATER BARRACKS produces from 20,000 to 60,000 BTU and is a 19in W X 35in H X 22.5in D, 88lb unit (100lb with the telescopic exhaust stack assembly). The SPACE HEATER ARCTIC (SHA) is self contained, and produces 23,000 BTU from a 9in W X 17in H X 17.5in D , 41lb package. The SHA includes a wire grate for solid fuel burning capability where liquid fuel is not available or scarce. All the heaters are designed for use with DF1, DF2, DFA, JP8, JetA1, and kerosene fuels.

International Thermal Research (ITR) provides a series of non-powered diesel heaters which are used by US and Canadian military forces under extreme weather conditions throughout the world.
ITR’s diesel space heaters provide easy to use, safe, clean, and trouble free heat without any power required.
The OASIS and HURRICANE DC diesel fired hydronic heating systems provide clean, safe, and efficient space and domestic water heating in various remote and mobile applications including the structure illustrated which is located at an altitude of 15,000ft.
The MODERN BURNER UNIT (MBU) illustrated replaced the M2 gasoline heater and is currently used in all US Army field feeding systems.

Non-powered diesel fueled PIONEER space heaters

The PIONEER line of diesel space heaters, used for non-military applications, was developed from the ITR military line of space heaters. They have similar features and advantages and are certified to CSA and UL standards. These heaters require no electricity and can be used in mining camps, construction sites and agricultural and residential structures. The portability of the heaters make them attractive for tents used in exploration and recreational use and for temporary structures, trailers, yurts etc.

The PIONEER line of space heaters comes in three different sizes reflected in three different models. The TREKKER, EXPEDITION, and PROSPECTOR models have 12,000, 30,000 and 55,000 BTU outputs, respectively. The problems of chopping wood, hauling heavy propane tanks and constantly tending to the fuel burned by a stove are history. PIONEER heaters provide reliable, clean, safe, low maintenance and electricity-free heat for years.

OASIS and HURRICANE diesel hydronic heating systems

The OASIS heating system line is a full-featured DC diesel-fired hydronic heating system and uses the same low pressure, low emission diesel burner proprietary technology as used in the military field kitchen MBU. DC powered components of the burner make it particularly useful for mobile and off GRID applications. The OASIS line has a bottom exiting exhaust for RV and trucks. The HURRICANE has a top exiting exhaust for marine applications. These diesel boilers with up to 50,000 BTU output true provide heat and hot domestic water in various applications worldwide.

In addition to the diesel burner, the boilers are equipped with one or two 1500W 120/240 VAC immersion elements for supplemental heat. These elements can be interfaced with an engine or generator. ITR engineers can design a multi-zone heating system to match a customer’s specific requirements using the flexibility offered by the modular design. A further unique feature of these burners is the associated ITR DISTRIBUTION MODULE which contains a variable number of circulation pumps and heat exchangers as required by the heating system. Thus, considerable flexibility is offered for specific applications. The ITR DISTRIBUTION MODULE is external to the boiler and may be used to interface with an engine. The OASIS and HURRICANE COMBI units, in contradistinction, offer space heating and domestic hot water in a single unit.

The DC diesel fired WATER HEATER BY ITR and the hot water WINDOW WASHER BY ITR

The WATER HEATER BY ITR is a DC diesel fired water heater that has a 5.5 US gal or 20L storage tank with a 1500W 120/240 VAC immersion element. It incorporates the proprietary low-pressure diesel fuel burner and provides continuous domestic hot water at 1.5gal or 6L per minute. It has a 300 psi stainless steel tank and an anti-scald mixing valve. THE WINDOW WASHER BY ITR provides continuous hot water for cleaning applications and is particularly popular in the United Kingdom and Europe where the use of chemicals is restricted.

The MODERN BURNER UNIT (MBU) diesel field kitchen burner

The MODERN BURNER UNIT (MBU) was designed to replace the M2 gasoline burner used previously in all US army field feeding systems. Compatibility of the MBU with the M2 was achieved by maintaining the same footprint and the same heat transfer.

The MBU eliminates the need to remove the burner for refueling. The burner is ignited in the appliance and eliminates the pre-heat period previously required by the M2. The MBU significantly reduces the hazards associated with lighting and carrying lit burners into a military field kitchen. It reduces the logistical burden and safety hazards of gasoline by using far less volatile JP-8 fuel . Twenty-eight volt DC power is used to reduce the risk of electrical shock during use and maintenance. It also allows the direct use of vehicle power if desired. Less than 90 watts of 28 volt DC power is used. Compatibility with AC generators is achieved by providing power converters as required by the particular application.

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