TURMAKS is an emerging and recognised leader in deployable and expeditionary systems contracting, engineering services and project management for healthcare, defence and civil solutions, by possessing more than a decade of industry experience and comprehensive market knowledge particularly in mobile and prefabricated healthcare services.

Our specialisation is based on planning, design and execution of medical and related turnkey projects around the globe – with a particular focus on mobile field hospitals, prefabricated hospitals, stationary hospitals and mobile trailer clinics.

Today, TURMAKS is a leader in the field of integrated, deployable healthcare solutions, which have a proven record of reliability and performance in various applications and environmental conditions.

The expandable auto-lift container can be used for medical purposes; for example, as an operating theatre or intensive care unit.
The level 2+ mobile field hospital can house up to 100 beds with all necessary medical equipment and support systems.
TURMAKS' fast support hospitals can support up to 60 beds for patients with all necessary support equipment.
The modular and expandable one-plus-one containers can be deployed for a variety of medical-military operations.
The mobile trailer clinic has been used as a mobile mammography screening centre.
TURMAKS' prefabricated hospitals include all necessary hospital equipment and systems.
TURMAKS' base camp structures have been used by UN forces in Darfur.

The company’s core expertise in end-to-end technologies and its team of talented experts in the medical and engineering sectors enables TURMAKS to drive a client’s concept to completion.

As a result, TURMAKS is able to use the most advanced technologies and engineering designs, combined with outstanding quality and value along with the most economical and affordable solutions with a turnkey delivery, tailor-made design and manufacture, in the shortest time period, to meet any client requirement.

Expandable auto-lift containers

TURMAKS’ expandable container has two rooms extending on both sides. When closed, it fits to standard ISO 20ft dimensions for transport. These rooms are each nearly 4.5m long and 1.5m wide, which provides 32m² total area.

Having its own generator, integrated air condition, optional medical gas, and various medical and/or non-medical applications, the expandable container can be applied to working environments such as operating theatres, intensive care units or command centres.

Level 2+ mobile field hospitals

The most common optimised version of the field hospital in terms of capacity and capability for mid-term use, with easy deployment, is the Level 2+ mobile field hospital. The configuration consists of hydraulic auto-lift expandable containers and inflatable tents, which enhance the hospital’s modular nature and mobility.

With up to 100 beds and all necessary medical units, including support systems and units, TURMAKS’ turnkey delivered mobile field hospitals are tailor-made designs to meet client requirements, and can be deployed in as little as one to three days.

Fast support hospitals

TURMAKS’ fast support hospital has basic diagnostic and surgical capabilities with necessary in-patient capacity (up to 60 beds) along with necessary support systems and units. The design is based on emphasizing the mobility of the hospital, rather than permanency. To achieve this, it is composed of auto lift expandable containers and inflatable tents. The fast support hospital can be deployed in one to three days, and can be transported to site by a few trucks.

One-plus-one systems

TURMAKS one-plus-one systems are highly practical, fast solutions that are composed of one expandable unit and an inflatable tent, used for various medical-military applications largely in disaster regions, humanitarian aids and temporary events. The one-plus-one systems are highly mobile, needing only one truck for transport.

Common applications of one-plus-one systems include emergency unit, operating theatre / intensive care unit, command centre and seminar room, and a kitchen and dining area. The one-plus-one systems can be deployed in 15-30 minutes.

Mobile trailer clinics / hospital on wheels

The mobile trailer clinic is a mobile stand-alone solution with a trailer attached on a truck that can be used for various medical applications. The system has a standard width but length can vary between 6m to 13.50m, with expanding rooms that can be adapted to increase capacity. More than one trailer can be designed to be used as a main centre and can be used with inflatable tents for additional units.

Prefabricated hospitals

This is a very similar solution to prefabricated buildings. The main difference comes from TURMAKS’ expertise in hospital and accommodation environments and, more importantly, offers a turnkey solution with all the systems and equipments included.

Base camps

A combination of containers, constructed tents, prefabricated units and minimal infrastructural work, the TURMAKS base camp meets the needs of large numbers of accommodation with many facilities.