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Body Armour, Protective Shields and Special Solutions

Verseidag Ballistic Protection supply a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions for the defence industry, including overt, covert and tactical vests, as well as specialised solutions and accessories.


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Verseidag Ballistic Protection supplies a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions for the defence industry, including overt, covert and tactical vests, as well as specialised solutions and accessories.

The firm has been operating in the industry for more than 30 years and is a member of the Verseidag-Indutex group.

Body armour systems for the armed forces

Verseidag Ballistic Protection’s product range consists of a full spectrum, from light concealed vests to fully tactical body armour systems, all equipped with certified protective solutions meeting the latest standards (NIJ, Technische Richtlinie, VPAM, HOSDB/CAST etc.), and special requirements of the end-user.

Verseidag Ballistic Protection supplies a wide range of protective solutions, such as TACTICUM body armour system. (NSPA coded)
The scalable and modular TACTICUM Plate Carrier and models are based on one-size approach. (NSPA coded).
The firm’s TACTICUM Battle Belt is designed for improved defensive comfort. One-size approach.(NSPA coded).
Verseidag Ballistic Protection’s TACTICUM Plate Carrier and TACTICUM Battle Belt can be used in conjunction with each other. (NSPA coded).
The company's tactical buoyancy vest SEAGUARD can be used in operations on sea and land. (NSPA coded).
The SEAGUARD Buoyancy Vest is used in a maritime mission.

Tactical protection solutions

The recent tactical body armour range TACTICUM is manufactured according to the latest requirements in the field, such as safety, modularity, and flexibility. This is achieved by the use of high-quality materials, weight optimisation and its overall design.

The range is developed in close co-operation with end-users in different countries and different missions and the unique design of the system is mostly implemented with a one-size-fits-all concept.

Included in the TACTICUM range is vest, plate carrier and battle belt base modules, which can be upgraded with additional protective modules, such as upper arm, neck, throat, shoulder, groin and thigh protection. The entire TACTICUM range is Nato Support Agency (NSPA) coded.

Protective battle belt for improved defence comfort

The new protective TACTICUM Battle Belt combines a load bearing aid with better distribution of the weight of a plate carrier or vest. It has a built-in 360(degree) ballistic protection and pouch attachment ladder system (PALS) / modular lightweight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) webbing.

The ergonomic shape and one-size-fits-all concept makes the belt easily adjustable for superior comfort. It eases the load from the shoulders when used in conjunction with other TACTICUM range products. It can also be used as a stand-alone product.

Buoyancy vest for maritime applications

The tactical buoyancy vest SEAGUARD combines the body armour and buoyancy features in a certified product for end-users operating in maritime areas. The ballistic protection level can be chosen from different standards and buoyancies, according to EN 12402-6:2006 / A1:2010 and 89/686/EEC – 50N/100N.

The vest has a constant built-in 50N or 100N buoyancy ability, which is designed to enable the end-user to remain fully operative, on land, onboard a ship or in the water. The SEAGUARD vest remains operative even if is hit and is NSPA coded product.

Verseidag Ballistic Protection’s other products include a full range of protective vests, shields, helmets and accessories. The company serves a wide range of armed forces, humanitarian organisations, law-enforcement units and other security bodies. The firm is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP-2110.

Please visit its web page for more information or contact a representative closest to your location.

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