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Personal Ballistic Armor, Aircraft Armor Kits and Armored Vehicles

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Armour of America (AoA) and MDT Armor provide customized armor solutions for military, law enforcement and paramilitary organizations. Our products include military and civilian armored vehicles, fixed and rotary wing aircraft armor, ballistic shields, leg armor, plates, and vests.

Having been in the armor business since 1972, we know what it takes to get the job done right and on time. AoA and MDT are certified small businesses with domestic and international customers.

Personal ballistic protection

AoA provides personal ballistic protection in the form of vests, plates, Leguard© leg armor, Armour Float™ ballistic flotation vests, ballistic shields, blankets and helmets. Our products are customizable to meet specific tactical requirements.

AoA's Leguard leg armor provides ballistic protection for the entire leg.
AoA's C-130 armor kit.
AoA also produces custom armor for aircraft Liquid Oxygen (LOX) bottles.
An MDT up-armored Toyota Land Cruiser after an IED attack in Iraq; all passengers remained unhurt.
MDT's military lightweight combat armored vehicle.

AoA utilizes state-of-the-art lightweight materials to provide protection up to NIJ level III, IV and above. Innovative products like the Armour Float ballistic flotation vest, which is UL and US Coast Guard approved, shows that AoA is on the cutting edge of agency needs. The Leguard leg armor is the only rigid, level IIIA leg protection in the industry. The rigid design greatly reduces the backface trauma seen with soft armor leg protection. AoA also has a line of U.S. built helmets. Our helmets are high quality and economical, they will accomplish the mission and meet the budget.

AoA is very familiar with what it takes to be successful in the international armor industry. We have dozens of customers across the globe and AoA is well versed in the regulations as it pertains to armor exporting.

Custom fixed and rotary-wing aircraft armor kits

AoA also produces custom armor kits for most fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our armor design team can measure the aircraft, taking note of special nuances; generate a certified drawing package; manufacture and deliver the kit; and assist in the installation. This level of service makes AoA a truly turnkey supplier.

Our armor kits are lightweight and have the capability of countering military Armor Piercing (AP) rifle and sub-machine gun fire. AoA designs each of our aircraft armor kits to cover the maximum area with the least amount of panels. This design concept allows for the minimum number of joints with the maximum amount of ballistic integrity.

Tactical lightweight armored vehicles

MDT Armor is a leader in providing state-of-the-art lightweight armored vehicles, ranging from light tactical vehicles to passenger vehicles. With years of battlefield experience, our vehicles have provided life-saving protection for their passengers. MDT’s product line includes armored commercial vehicles, armored trucks, armored buses and armored military vehicles. Our vehicles are currently seeing action in countries such as Israel, Iraq, India, Indonesia and Nigeria.

MDT has up-armored such vehicles as the Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Suburban, Ford E350 and F550, GMC Savana / Chevrolet Express and the Mercedes Sprinter. MDT uses state-of-the-art materials such as Ultra High Hardness (UHH) ballistic steel; composite materials such as kevlar and polyethylene; ceramics; and ballistic glass. These materials make our vehicles rugged as well as lightweight. MDT’s product line has been tested and approved by organizations including the Israeli Defense Force.

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  • Komodo 4x4 Tactical Vehicle

    The Rantis Komodo 4x4 wheeled tactical vehicle is designed and developed by Indonesian weapons manufacturer PT Pindad.

Armour of America and MDT Armor
308 Alabama St.
Auburn, AL 36832
United States of America

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