EDI Mobile Systems is a dynamic and innovative company offering complex containerized system design, building and quality assurance. It acquired a state owned enterprise with the traditions of steelworks and container building dating back to 1940. Working in close cooperation with our customers and collecting feedback from end users we tailor solutions, which are technically high end, but simple to transport and use for a range of military applications worldwide.

Our management and staff members are highly expierienced in the manufacturing and development of special-purpose containers and large-scale camp projects. We guarantee you excellent quality and flexibility, as well as professional and innovative implementation of any customer needs and requirments.

Our capabilities include:

  • Military camps and shelters
  • Medical shelters
  • Sanitary shelters
  • Trnasport containers

Containerised military shelters

EDI Mobile Systems possesses the design, engineering and production capacity to deliver any type and any quantity of special-purpose military shelters or modified ISO containers made from steel or sandwich panels. All our containers types are fully certified and tested. Our insulation and sealing technique provides perfect protection and can withstand the extreme climatic conditions.

EDI Mobile Systems supplies complex containerized systems design, building and quality assurance.
EDI Mobile Systems medical shelters include turn key solutions for both stand-alone shelters or complete hospitals.
Our range of containerised sanitary shelters include ablutions, sterilization and dishwashing facilities.

The range of military shelters EDI Mobile Systems offers includes:

  • Medical shelters
  • Sanitary shelters
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Mobile command posts
  • Containers for ammunition transportation and storage
  • Mobile workshop containers
  • Power generation containers
  • Living shelters and containers
  • Office containers
  • Storage containers
  • HVAC containers
  • Water purification containers
  • Armored containers: with add-on ballistic protection plates or with permanent armour
  • Special containers designed in accordance with customer requirements

Medical shelters

EDI Mobile Systems’ deliveries of medical shelters include turnkey solutions for both: stand-alone shelters or complete hospitals. We can implement innovative design and development of any product in accordance with specific requirements and quarantee you excellent quality and high flexibility.

Main features for our stand-alone shelters include:

  • Build-in generator with automatic start function (for at least 24hr of autonomous operation)
  • Back-up batteries for emergency situations
  • NBC filtration unit
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Air ventilation and heating unit
  • Environmental monitoring unit with GSM alarm
  • Air dehumidifier
  • Water purification unit
  • Oxygen generationg unit
  • EMC compability

Complete hospital camps can include:

  • Minor and major surgery containers
  • X-Ray containers
  • Intensive care containers
  • Wards and staff accomodation tents
  • Support containers, including sanitary, power generation, storages etc.

Containerised sanitary shelters

Our range of containerised sanitary shelters include ablutions, sterilization and dishwashing facilities, which could either be part of a large camp, or a separate facility for special-purpose use.

Transport containers

Our range of transport containers includes:

  • Steel swap body containers
  • Light insulated swap body containers
  • FRC swap body containers
  • Special containers built on trailer or semi-trailer