MyDefence develops anti-drone jammers and equipment to reduce the threats caused by airborne devices during military operations.

Our combat-proven solutions provide users with industry-leading technology for increased protection and situational awareness on the battlefield. We develop versatile counter unmanned aircraft system (UAS) products that can be deployed in a wide range of missions.

The company was founded by military officers with a detailed insight into advanced radio technology and draws on the knowledge and experience of end-users when designing the latest anti-drone solutions.

Anti-drone solutions for rapid battlefield deployment

MyDefence’s counter-UAS solutions are leading the way in the protection against rogue drones. We use the latest technology to develop state-of-the-art drone-mitigating devices that can be relied on in any military environment.

MyDefence creates innovative solutions to combat the threat of rogue drones during military and security operations.
We manufacture personal drone detectors that offer optimal protection for dismounted soldiers, police and security personnel.
MyDefence’s wearable anti-UAS solutions are lightweight, compact and versatile, making them suitable for use in a wide range of missions.
MyDefence offers stationary drone detection products for deployment on vehicles and buildings, including at airports and prisons.
We adopt the latest in anti-drone technology to develop state-of-the-art solutions capable of providing detailed information on the make, model, and threat level of drones.

Our solutions are ideal for use by special operation forces (SoF), and are also suitable for border patrol, mobile security forces, and intelligence services. Products available include wearable, mobile and stationary anti-drone solutions, as well as various accessories to support our main devices.

Mobile and stationary radars for RF drone detection

Radar detection is an ideal solution for radio frequency (RF) detection of drones and is recommended for precise target information. MyDefence’s EAGLE drone radar provides 360° detection and tracking of drones by classifying their specific radar signature. The EAGLE can track drones in large areas and work together with our suite of mobile and stationary RF drone detectors.

MyDefence’s WATCHDOG device is a standalone or linked RF sensor, which can supply a drone’s make or model information by looking for control signals and video feeds. This solution is made especially for stationary installations such as perimeter protection at prisons, military camps or can even be mounted on vehicles.

Multiple WATCHDOG devices can be installed on a scalable network, enabling triangulation of drones and larger area detection. A single WATCHDOG unit is able to detect drones at a 60° angle at long ranges and often before they take off.

Versatile anti-drone solutions for buildings and vehicles

MyDefence manufactures a WOLFPACK model, which features a simple design aimed at offering optimal practicality. It is lightweight and portable and can be fitted to vehicles and buildings with ease. The 360° RF sensor technology of the WOLFPACK enables it to provide detailed information to the user about the drone, such as the make, model, and threat direction.

Wearable drone detectors for special operations forces

MyDefence has developed a range of handheld and wearable drone detectors designed for use by police, security and dismounted soldiers. Our WINGMAN products provide state-of-the-art UAS detection capabilities within a small, lightweight and easily transportable unit.

WINGMAN devices can be fitted to the uniform of military or security personnel and can operate either alone or connected to a secondary device such as a personal communication radio.

The WINGMAN range is extremely versatile and multi-purpose, with the WINGMAN103 capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions. The robust design of our WINGMAN products makes them an ideal and cost-effective solution for anti-drone protection, no matter how challenging the mission or setting. They can be deployed in any military or security situation and can be trusted to perform without being intrusive.

Drone jammers for airfields

MyDefence has introduced a wearable counter UAS jammer called PITBULL, which has been developed to work alongside the WINGMAN to protect soldiers against commercial drones. When deployed together, these two devices can act as a complete solution to defend against potentially dangerous drone activity.

The PITBULL jammer is an out-of-the-box product that requires very little training to use. It can operate both autonomously or manually and is capable of jamming drones at a distance of 1,000m.