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NBC / CBRN Systems, and HVAC and Cooling Equipment

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Kinetics established in 1985, is a world leader in the area of NBC / CBRN protection, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) / environmental control systems (ECS), auxiliary power units (APU), life support systems (LSS), individual crew and equipment cooling systems (ICECS), military and airborne hydraulic systems. Kinetics develops, qualifies, produces and fields systems and components for a wide range of tracked, wheeled, stationary and airborne military platforms. These include main battle tanks (MBT), self-propelled howitzers (SPH), armored / infantry fighting vehicles (AFV / IFV), armored personnel carriers (APC), mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), tactical and tactical support vehicles (TV / TSV), utility and utility support vehicles (UV / USV), rocket launchers, shelters, tents, helicopters and aircraft.

NBC / CBRN protection systems

Kinetics’ NBC/CBRN protection systems (NBCS) can be provided as a stand-alone system or can be integrated within a comprehensive Life Support System (LSS) that can include NBC/CBRN Detection, Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and/or an Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS).

Kinetics’ NBCSs offer the latest NBC/CBRN Protection Technologies with benefits including:

  • Maximum safety – with full AEP-54 compliance and fail-safe design
  • Minimum logistics and life cycle costs – by extending the NBC / CBRN filter life with an option of replacing an inexpensive dust pre-filter, rather than replacing the entire NBC / CBRN filter

Secure NBC facemasks

Kinetics’ NBCSs enable crew and vehicle protection in three modes:

Advanced NBC/CBRN Protection System (NBCS) for AFV provides Overpressure, Collective Facemasks and Hybrid protection Modes. Special features includes: AEP-54 Compliance, Disposable Dust Pre-Filter, Integrated Chemical Detection, Hi-Tech IPS, By-Pass Valve, Relative Humidity Reduction System and Filter Replacement Indicator.
Advanced NBC/CBRN Protection System (NBCS) for Rocket Launcher provides Overpressure Protection. Special features includes: AEP-54 Compliance, Disposable Dust Pre-Filter, Hi-Tech IPS and Dynamic Overpressure Control.
Life Support Systems (LSS) for MRAP & AFV provide Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and NBC/CBRN Protection & Detection.
Life Support Systems + Auxiliary Power Unit (LSS-APU) for MRAP & AFV provide Self Propelled Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC), NBC/CBRN Protection & Detection and Auxiliary Power for on-board equipment on the vehicle.
  1. Overpressure protection – provides NBC / CBRN facemasks free, along with excellent crew and equipment protection

  2. Collective facemasks protection – is used whenever the cabin can not be over-pressurized. Filtered and conditioned (cooled/heated) air is supplied to each NBC / CBRN facemask from the main NBC / CBRN filter of the platform. The individual NBC / CBRN filters (canisters) that are connected to each NBC / CBRN facemask remain fresh for possible evacuation of the vehicle

  3. Hybrid protection – is typically used in preparation for platform opening in a contaminated area. This provides simultaneous overpressure and collective facemasks protection

NBC / CBRN filters

Kinetics’ NBCSs incorporate some unique features including:

  • Advanced NBC/CBRN Filters: NATO AEP-54 compliance assures excellent protection against conventional biological and chemical (BC) contaminates as well as against toxic industrial chemicals (TIC). Integrated disposable dust pre-filter enables the replacement of a simple and inexpensive pre-filter, rather than the entire NBC / CBRN filter
  • Inertial particles separator (IPS) – based on Kinetics’ advanced IPS technology, assures maximum dust / particles removal which significantly reduces NBC / CBRN filter clogging and increases its life while continuously (24/7) used in heavy dust conditions
  • Relative humidity reduction (RHR) – is a special feature, avoiding clogging of the activated charcoal by water molecules. This enables continuous (24/7) operation of the NBCS and significantly increases the NBC / CBRN filter’s life in humid environments
  • Bypass valve allows safe and easy engagement and disengagement of the NBC / CBRN Filter to maximize its life
  • Dynamic over-pressure control and air-quality Control optimizes the airflow through the NBC / CBRN filter to increase its life while keeping accurate over-pressurization and good air-quality in the crew cabin
  • NBC / CBRN filter replacement indicator enables on-time filter replacement
  • Integrated chemical and radiation detection offers safe and accurate detection along with an automatic start of NBCS whenever necessary

Kinetics main line of products includes:

  • Life support systems (LSS)
  • NBC / CBRN protection and detection
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Individual crew and equipment Cooling System (ICECS)
  • Auxiliary power units (APU)
  • Automatic fire suppression systems (AFSS)
  • Military hydraulic Systems (Turret/Gun/Launcher Controls)
  • Aircraft hydraulics
  • Enhanced suspension systems for military vehicles

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