AGM Global Vision are specialists in the design, development, and distribution of a wide range of professional and military-grade night vision and thermal rifle scopes, clip-on systems, binoculars, monoculars, goggles, multispectral lasers, and infrared illumination devices.

The company also offers electro-optical and electro-mechanical equipment.

AGM Global Vision is an industry-leader in the night vision and thermal technology sector and is recognised and respected within the industry. The company is constantly adapting designs to meet the ever-changing needs and emerging technologies of the night vision and thermal imaging industries.

With a global reach in mind, AGM Global Vision dominates a significant portion of market-share in the international electro-optical space through its subsidiary sales and assembly facility in Europe.

Our products are designed using the latest state-of-the-art technology and rugged materials to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our users, and are always crafted with the highest levels of precision and integrity.

Image-intensified night-vision products

AGM Global Vision produces a wide range of image intensified night vision products, including monoculars, binoculars, clip-on systems, and dedicated weapon sights.

Spanning the key Gen 2+ & Gen 3 I² bandwidths, AGM Global Vision image intensifier tubes are available with either P-43 green phosphor or the high contrast P-45 white phosphor. Most have unique and innovative features that set them apart from the competition such as thin filmed and autogated power supply options.

Thermal imaging products for military missions

AGM Global Vision is a rising manufacturer and provider of cutting-edge uncooled, microbolometer-based, Long-wave Infrared Thermal Imaging solutions for handheld, head-mounted and weapon mounted applications.

Solutions include handheld monoculars, weapon sights, clip-on thermal night augmentation devices, and magnified binoculars.  Many of these systems have cutting-edge features, such as WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility, along with still and video image recording features.

Cutting-edge laser emitting devices

AGM Global Vision offers a variety of laser aiming, illumination and boresighting products for use with small arms targeting, illumination, and signaling applications.

AGM’s initial entry into the laser targeting arena was with the Tactical Multispectral Aiming/Illumination Module. Our flagship product, the RMSAL Rifle-mounted Squad Aiming Laser (a successor to the TMAIM) was selected for trials by the US Navy.

Additional AGM Global Vision lasers fulfil the requirements of a wide range of military applications.

Training, maintenance and support services

As a critical part of its long-term strategic mission, AGM Global Vision is committed to supporting its customer base in terms of providing operator training, periodic preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS), logistics support, Echelon IV depot level repair training and services, and long-term warehousing, fabrication and assembly programs.

AGM Global Vision assures that it will provide product and spare parts support for the life of type of the product.  Additional establishment, support and commissioning of environmental and testing facilities for product qualification and continuing validation are also available to AGM’s customer base.

In addition to maintenance, repair and support training packages, AGM provides logistics support in the form of spare parts, technology upgrades where applicable, service life extension programs and product life of type services.