HDM Systems

Technology for Battery-Based Mobile and Renewable Energy Applications

226 Lincoln Street, Allston, MA 02134,Massachusetts, United States of America

226 Lincoln Street, Allston, MA 02134,Massachusetts, United States of America

HDM designs and manufactures advanced power electronics, which enable clean technology for battery-based mobile and renewable energy applications. The company’s product suite extends battery life and delivers mission-critical electricity by efficiently negotiating power consumption. Example applications include no-idle emission reduction systems for long haul trucks, battery conservation technology for military ambulances, trickle charging technology for remote solar installations, and efficient chargers for wireless medical carts.

HDM’s products exemplify technological excellence, reliability, and innovation. Many of these products are rated IP65.

VISTER inverter/chargers

The VISTER inverter/charger is a combination of an inverter, a charger, and a transfer switch into a complete power system. Enclosed in a watertight Group 31 package, the inverter converts DC battery power to AC electricity to power on board AC electronics, appliances, and equipment. When AC power is available, the internal charger recharges the system batteries while allowing surplus electricity to bypass to the AC loads.

PS pure sine-wave inverters

The sine-wave inverter provides a superior quality of AC power with ultra-low distortion for frequency-sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. As a ruggedized enclosure with patented thermal distribution architecture, PS will deliver an optimal operating performance in heavy-duty environments.

BFG battery fuel-gauges

Our fuel-gauge incorporates a patented tracking algorithm with automatic calibration for high accuracy measurements. Real-time cell-level (individual battery) or system-level SOC (state-of-charge), SOH (state-of-health), HR (hour remaining), battery voltage, current, and temperature are provided via user-friendly display or through CAN-Bus interface. A ruggedized waterproof design will ensure pertinent battery information is continuously monitored without interruption.

IX battery chargers

Our battery charger’s patented energy conversion technology rapidly recharges the battery while extending battery life. Utilizing an intelligent microprocessor, the charger features a multi-stage with power factor corrected charging method to accurately recharge the system batteries while consuming less AC input power compared to traditional battery chargers.

SC solar chargers

The SC solar charger incorporates a multi-stage charging algorithm to rapidly recharge the system batteries with the advanced MPPT optimization technology to maximize power harvesting during various weather conditions. Its intelligent microprocessor control, along with high-efficiency performance, will provide maximum charge rates for every charge cycle.

EQ battery equalizers

The EQ battery equalizer features a bi-directional balancing circuitry to continuously equalize the series-connected batteries during charge, discharge, and idling conditions. Due to its maintenance and worry-free operation, EQ will significantly reduce voltage imbalance, improve battery capacity, and extend battery life.

BEQ high current battery equalizers

This equalizer provides highly-efficient active equalization to maintain a balanced power draw for 24V systems that require 12V power at up to 100A continuous (parallelable for higher power). BEQ will maintain voltage balance, enhance battery performance, and improve battery life.

BAS battery separators

This separator utilizes a solenoid priority system to control multi-bank charging, to assist in on-demand engine starting, and to protect respective batteries from excessive drain. Available in uni or bi-directional, standard or waterproof configurations, BAS will not only reduce starting downtime, but is also applicable for a prolonged auxiliary operation (main and aux).

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