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NOVITEX Fashion delivers complete solutions to the textile and clothing industry, specialising in servicing armed forces with uniforms and protective clothing.

As the owners of the SUKNO trademark, the history of which dates back to the 15th century, we strive to preserve the unique 600-year long tradition established by Czech cloth-makers, who were responsible for the invention of the woolen cloths that have been used for centuries ever since.

We enrich this technique using the know-how of our specialists working in high-tech establishments in the areas of textile development, production, sales and marketing in various European, Asian, American, and African countries. As a result, we offer you the very best you are looking for, in the time you need it, at the most competitive prices.

Military uniform, fashion and other fabrics

Demanding clients from all over the world take advantage of the following product lines we offer:

NOVITEX Fashion provides special fabrics designed for military applications.
All uniform fabrics are tested to internationally recognised standards.
NOVITEX specialists have enhanced traditional techniques by working in the textile development field.
Our development of suitable fabrics and the wide range of finishes we can provide means we are able to offer uniforms for a variety of purposes.
  • Fashion fabrics
  • Uniform fabrics
  • Technical textiles
  • Garments for public and special target groups
  • Fibres and other raw materials for production of woven and non-woven textiles
  • Textile machinery
  • Shoes and boots
  • Market research and elaboration of development / production / marketing solutions in the textile industry

Heavy-duty fabrics for army uniforms

The NOVITEX fashion uniform collection is a special collection of fabrics designed in particular for the production of uniforms and workforce clothing, including heavy-load fabrics used by armed forces all around the world (army, police, firemen, custom officers etc.), as well as major corporate customers (airlines, hotel chains, transport companies, security agencies, refineries etc.).

The customised offers include:

  • Development of suitable fabrics
  • Production of fabrics, guaranteeing  color and touch continuity (critical dye match – K match programs) in repeat orders
  • Assurance of a wide range of finishes (waterproof, fire retardant, oil repellent, stain resistant, cool wool, decating etc.)
  • Garment processing, including designing of new model solutions or according to models provided by the customer
  • Assurance of requested accessories

All uniform fabrics are tested and provided with universally valid and internationally recognised test reports.