Cobham Slip Rings is a leading developer and producer of electrical slip rings (known as slip ring assortment or SRA) for military and defence applications.

Our slip ring assortment consists of standardised and individually manufactured slip ring products and embraces most application areas (µA up to kA, µV up to kV, DC up to 500MHz, mW up to MW). We are also open to the opportunity of developing additional functionality and integrating it in our slip ring products. Additional functions may consist but are not limited to such options as microwave joints, swivel joints, hydraulic joints, emitters and fibre-optic.

The strength of Cobham is our technical competence, as well as our ability to develop new solutions and to introduce them as an innovation to the market. More than 25 percent of our employees work on assuring the reliability and high-performance of our slip rings and rotary joints.

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Fitted on a radar, this slipring rotary joint assembly is composed of a slipring and a X and L-band rotary joint. It enables the transmission of power, signals and includes high-frequency channel.
Fitted on an infantry fighting vehicle. This slipring enables the transmission of power, video, Ethernet and CAN buses.
Infantry fighting vehicle turret - high-power slip ring and NBC air rotary union.
Fitted on weapon stations, this slipring enables the transmission of power, video, ethernet and CAN buses. It is remotely operated to keep the operator under armoured protection.
This slip ring is used for an optronic system for pilot training. It includes high-frequency coaxial cells (>80dB at 100MHz).
Fitted on the turret of a main battle tank, this slipring enables the transmission of power, and ethernet.

Robust slip rings for defence operations

The robust slip rings Cobham supplies for turrets and defence applications are capable of withstanding the intense vibrations experienced during operations. Armoured vehicle slip rings for turrets transmit high-power, as well as signals such as databus, radio and multiplex. Others also contain an NBC air channel and / or an encoder.

For pilot training, slip rings are available for centrifugal machines. They feature high-frequency coaxial cells at 80dB, with 100MHz power rates.

Slip rings for tanks and radars

Slip rings featuring L and X-band rotary joints can be fitted onto radars, enabling power and signals to be transmitted across secure, high-frequency channels. Slip rings can be fitted on tank turrets and military vehicles for frontline operations, allowing power, ethernet, video and CAN buses signals to be transmitted in the battlefield using fibre-optic channels.

Slip rings for weapon systems

Transmission capabilities are enabled on weapon systems, ensuring that troops have operational communications and channels. These solutions can be operated remotely for safety purposes, under protective armour if required. Units are available for the weapon systems of armoured vehicles, providing high-power transmission of data buses, and low and high-frequency signals.

Hybrid joint slip rings and additional functionality

Cobham is a developer of additional functionality and combining it with its slip ring products available functions include microwave joints, swivel joints, hydraulic joints, emitters and fibre-optic.

Cobham prides itself on technical competence, along with our ability for the development of new solutions and introducing them as new market innovations. The goal of more than 25% of our employees is to assure the reliability and high-performance of our slip rings and rotary joints.

About Cobham

Since 1946, Cobham has operated in conformity with the requirements of our customers in the aerospace and defence sectors especially referring to electrical slip rings.

More than ever, the quality of electrical slip rings is our main target. The quality assurance department is involved at each stage of the life cycle of our products, from development to manufacturing. Maintaining and improving quality standards is made possible by an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN 9100 compliant company organisation.

To this end, the quality department benefits from specialised human and technical resources for the manufacturing and maintaining operations on electrical slip rings.

COBHAM AEROSPACE COMMUNICATIONS also is a Part-145 maintenance organisation and a Part-21 production organisation approved by La Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile.