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Ruggedized Military COTS ATCA and COM Express Solutions

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RadiSys brings leading edge technology to today’s standard form factors. COM Express and AdvancedTCA (ATCA) were developed to address higher performance processing on COTS–based products and are excellent solutions for many military applications. Our products are ruggedized above and beyond industry standards, tested for extreme temperatures and integrated with ruggedized platforms to provide you a reliable solution that you can count on.

Using years of expertise in platform architecture and system development, RadiSys drives technology solutions in critical functional areas such as processing, storage, and switching to meet customer needs. Next generation features are routinely designed into RadiSys products as a result of advanced work with key technology partners such as Intel, Texas Instruments, and Cavium.

RadiSys customers can count on a supplier that produces products that push the edge – whether it is a 40GbE ATCA platform, a new multi-core DSP board, an advanced software virtualization solution, or the highest performance ruggedized COM Express module.

Application-ready military form factors

AdvancedTCA® blades pack a lot of performance and many applications do not require the number of slots that a big-iron 12U/13U shelf offers. The six slots provided by the SYS-6006 5U shelf supports four-node slots or five-node slots when configured with one switch/hub blade for semi-redundant operation; ample for many applications.

Extended temperature Com Express module, utilizing the new Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors and the Mobile Intel® QM57 Express chipset
Extended Temp Intel® ATOM™ Small Form Factor COM Express Module
Extended Temp Core™2 Duo Processor COM Express Module
Industrial & Commercial Temp Intel® ATOM™ COM Express Module

The SYS-6006 compact size and low weight makes it easy to slot in an existing rack to add functionality to an existing system with state of the art ATCA technology or to address remote field/edge applications where large 12U/13U systems are not practical due to space constraints nor necessary from a functionality point of view.

  • Six slots, including two fabric slots, with full RTM support
  • Dimensions: 5U height , 8.72in = 222 mm; Width, 17.625in = 448mm
  • Dual redundant –48VDC/-60VDC Power Entry Modules (PEM) with integrated fans to cool RTMs
  • Fault tolerant cooling system
  • Shelf management integrated on the switch blade (dual redundant)

Deep packet inspection processing module

With increased internet traffic and multitude of enhanced services, communication infrastructure is challenged with increased capacity of packet throughput and processing. Increase in security threats forces equipment makers to offer deeper packet inspection and processing capability in their all-IP network infrastructure. More and more, network elements are now incorporating packet interfaces with increased need for packet processing and I/O capacity, scaling to multiple 10s of 1GE and 10GE interfaces.

The RadiSys Promentum™ ATCA-7220 is an AdvancedTCA packet processing blade that provides highest available Gigabit Ethernet density and throughput. It incorporates two industry leading Cavium Networks OCTEON™ Plus multi-core processors with a powerful architecture to be used for intense packet processing application with or without I/O.

On-board ten Gigabit and one Gigabit Ethernet switching, acting as a smart front-end, allows powerful and flexible data flow for sophisticated security processing and traffic handling.

  • High bandwidth I/O – 10GE and 1GE front and rear
  • Onboard 10GE/1GE switch provides smart front-end to enable flexible data flow for the I/O – front and rear I/O goes through switch to either OCTEON processor or backplane (fabric)
  • Network timing subsystem provides backplane synchronous clocking signals to LMP and OCTEON processors with hitless switchover support
  • Optimized IP Data path software from 6WIND including IPV4/V6 forwarding, filtering, tunneling, IPSec, load balancing and traffic management

High-performance ATCA 10-Gigabit computer processing modules

The ATCA-4550 series are the 8th generation single board computers from RadiSys and offer a choice of different levels of performance, price and thermals. They are high performance, single slot AdvancedTCA computer modules based on the single socket L5638 or E5645 Intel® Xeon® processor.

  • Single Intel® Xeon®k L5638 or E5645 featuring 2.00 GHz or 2.4 GHz clock rate, integrated memory controller, and support for hyper-threading
  • 8 DDR-3 VLP DIMM Sockets featuring support for up to 64GB memory
  • Support for multiple storage options including dual user flash of up to 16GB each, SSD AMC, an addtional drive, HW Raid (0/1), 2 SAS ports, and iSCSI on base & fabric

Extended temperature ruggedized COM express modules

RadiSys extended temperature COM express modules are designed for deployment in harsh mil/aero environments. By incorporating ruggedness into the product design, RadiSys enables its customers to use the latest technology in harsh environments, saving months of system development time previously dedicated to ensuring that a module can meet their extended temperature or vibration specifications. RadiSys’ proprietary design and test processes set the standard for Com Express ruggedness compared to simple screening processes employed in the industry.

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5445 NE Dawson Creek Drive
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United States of America

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