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General Technology Corporation

Mobile Military Shelters

United States of America

United States of America

General Technology Corporation is an American-owned small business enterprise providing the US Department of Defense, other related US federal agencies and Nato operations with tents, shelters and pre-engineered support equipment for military and emergency disaster relief efforts around the world.

Mobile shelters for military camps and disaster relief applications

Our MilCamp™ kits are complete, pre-engineered tent and mobile shelter facilities, with best fit air conditioning, heating, electrical and special user-defined mission equipment. All MilCamp systems are also designed for quick set up by military users and disaster response teams.

MilCamp kits are available off the shelf with trailer mounted electric generators and HVAC systems, as well as flooring, lighting and related mission support equipment. MilCamp™ kits have been engineered to plug and play with any other MilCamp™ subsystem. These capabilities provide our customers with readily scalable solutions for any required deployment.

Mobile military shelters for rapid deployment

All our MilCamp™ products can be purchased or rented. We stock most kits, and accompanying systems and components, for immediate delivery. While quality is always our first priority, ease of use, quick set up and highly competitive pricing complete the MilCamp™ Kit offering from GTC, insuring wherever you needs are around the world there is one source you can go to getting immediate solutions you can afford.

We specialize in rapid deployment wherever your particular location may be. Due to our facilities in the central eastern US, we can offer immediate on the road logistics solutions, for international request you can always rely on our seaborne and air logistics services.

General Technology Corporation is the authorized distributor of:

  • Anchor industries tents and shelters
  • Cannon load banks
  • Mil spec trailers and COTS HVAC
  • Roll Trac™ tent and shelter flooring
  • Amtech corp helmet hardtops™
  • M1165 cargo covers and special mission air conditioned containers

Temporary shelters for military base camps

Our mobile military shelters are engineered and designed for:

  • Multiple deployments and long term fixed base operations
  • The Shadow UAV and other military vehicles
  • Loading analysis performed meets the requirements of ASCE 7-98 building codes for temporary structures for wind loads up to 70mph and 10psf snow load
  • Easy deployment, installation and repair
  • Being operational within one hour with six personnel
  • Expandable in 8ft and 16ft sections

Special features include:

  • Tough 17oz infared-resistant OD green vinyl fabric
  • Two electric ducts with internal and external closer flaps
  • Six windows for ventilation
  • Two access doors
  • 20in ECU ports with internal and external closer flaps for easy duct installation
  • Ships in one wood crate with carry bags for frame and fabric
  • No guy lines required
  • Fabric floor included

Modular mobile shelters for military command centers

Our MilSpan modular shelters are available in widths ranging from 30ft up to 100ft with unlimited lengths. The uses are limitless and the modular design and functionality are unbeatable. The rapidly deployable MilSpan is perfect for your command center.

Standard features include:

  • Lightweight beams for ease of installation and transportation
  • Fabric panels resist infrared detection and create light-tight environment
  • 3-in-1 windows (closed, screen, clear vinyl)
  • 20in HVAC ducts
  • 10ft vertical sidewalls ideal for map boards
  • Choice of government green or desert tan fabric
  • Connector rods for accepting camouflage netting
  • Dual fabric panels help cooling and heating efforts
  • Expansive, unobstructed interior space creates an ideal work are
  • a

  • Hard boxes for all hardware
  • 2-in-1 door (closed or screen), includes adapter dock to accept transition boots

Mobile military accommodation shelters

With the MilTrac shelter, 10ft vertical sidewalls are ideal for map boards. Fabric panels slide through channeled beams and create a weather and light-tight environment. Optional interior lining is used as an added protective feature as is the custom-sealed fabric flooring. Each MilTrac comes standard with its own carrying bags.

MilTrac can be designed to meet your exact specifications. Customizable with sleeping compartments, HVAC mid and end walls, window walls or transition boots, the MT 10, 20, 30, or 40 is easily deployed and assembled. Structures come standard with government green or desert tan infrared resistant fabric panels, internal fabric liners and custom- sealed fabric flooring.

General Technology Corporation


United States of America