Bellridge Pty Limited is an Australian company and appointed sole distributor of Kanguru portable device solutions throughout Australia & New Zealand. Our experience with a range of consultants and CISOs from government departments, publicly traded giants and emerging enterprise has allowed us to pride ourselves on offering our customers innovative technology, manufactured to deliver high-quality customer standards for both ease of use and security to tackle the ever-changing, always sophisticated security technology landscape.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Technology has become increasingly more complex, and consequently, there is a rising need for better, more secure solutions to store sensitive data. Data protection does not have to be achieved through complicated means, or at the sacrifice of convenience. Kanguru Solutions makes it easy with their range of secure, encrypted USB solutions.

Guarding Against Brute-Force

Kanguru’s industry pioneering secure portable storage, device management applications & duplication equipment are designed to meet the strict storage needs of governmental and military applications. Offering affordable and highly certified products featuring robust AES 256-bit hardware, Kanguru considers data security very seriously delivering first-rate solutions ensuring government compliance with TAA Compliant products in addition to specific high-level certifications like FIPS 140-2 (Level 2 and 3) Certification and Common Criteria (an accredited government security standard adopted by over 24 different certifying nations) – two of the top-most security certification levels in the industry.

Additionally, the remote management options available on all Defender USB drives provide exceptional security options you can’t find anywhere else. With remote management, organisations can manage and monitor all Defender USB drives used by staff from anywhere in the world – whether at rest or out in the field.

The Kanguru Defender series provides the most advanced security options, convenience and data portablility available.
The Kanguru flash drives feature innovative security such as on-board anti-virus software, remote management and physical write-protect switches on certain models.
The Kanguru Defender 3000 is the world's most advance, robust, easy-to-use hardware encrypted USB flash drive.

A Rank Above the Rest

All Kanguru Defender Secure USB flash drives are password protected and provide the best solution for complying with demanding government and security regulations. With a range of models to choose from, you can decide the best features that are right for your organisation:

  • Military Grade Kanguru Defender 3000 – the ultimate data storage solution for high data security.
  • Industrial Grade Kanguru Defender Elite300 – meet any demanding regulatory security standards.
  • Commercial Grade Kanguru Defender Elite30 – the fastest drive on the market loaded with security features and convenience.
  • Fingerprint Access Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30 – secure access with just the tap of a finger.

With more than 10 years of experience, join a community that includes government, military and healthcare organisations who look to Kanguru & Bellridge for powerful data solutions that are easy-to-use and exceed even the toughest regulatory standards.