NIXUS is a brand of engineering and production company ZEPELIN, which offers high and low-pressure pneumatic tents, expandable container shelters, solid structure tents, and rescue equipment and accessories.

ZEPELIN works closely with clients, ready to apply our own patented solutions or design new custom-made products to fit special field purposes. All NIXUS solutions are engineered and produced in the EU, with a focus on transport size, deploying time and reliability.

A variety of pneumatic or solid shelters are also available for temporary or semi-permanent accommodation, field hospitals, emergency medical or industrial purposes.

High-pressure inflatable structures

NIXUS engineers focus on high-pressure inflatable structures and their applications for tents, hangars and expandable container shelters. Our R&D team is committed to the continuous development and improvement of our products, combining maximum user comfort with simplicity of service.

The multi-tube RIBS system incorporates the same advantages as a high-pressure structure, as well as a high load, produced by multiplication of high-pressure tubes.

High-pressure inflatable NIXUS products are based on the unique multi-tube system Rigid Inflatable Beam Structure (RIBS) system.

Patented multi-tube RIBS system

The RIBS system combines the benefits of a rigid and inflatable structure. It is extremely weather resistant as a truss frame but is quick to setup and easy to transport.

RIBS is the first inflatable structure using a multiplied high-pressure tube system. The tubes are tied with each other to create a rigid frame assembly.

Multi-tube RIBS system advantages

The multi-tube RIBS system offers all the advantages of a high-pressure structure with the additional advantage of a high load (see image below).

Due to its high level of stability it is recommended as a construction element of large structures. RIBS brings new possibilities for field applications such as maintenance hangars or roofing elements of the expandable container shelter (ECOS). The RIBS system is an industrial design protected solution of ZEPELIN.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • High-pressure pneumatic tents
  • Low-pressure pneumatic tents
  • Expandable container shelters
  • Solid structure tents
  • Rescue equipment and accessories


NIXUS is a brand of ZEPELIN, an engineering and production company established in 1996.

At ZEPELIN, we understand technical textiles and their applications, as well as the technical principles of structures. We are skilled in production, working to provide the best quality product and supported by high levels of customer service.

Our company is both ISO 9001: 2015 quality-management certified and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental certified. Our NCAGE code is 1461M.