Lind Electronics is a proven leader in designing and producing mobile power solutions for all types of users in different industries. Lind’s product lines include standard and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power adapters, battery chargers, dual USB adapters, Shut Down Timers, solar chargers and stock & custom cables. Lind Electronics works directly with users, installers and engineers in the Military, Public Safety, Healthcare and Forklift & Warehousing industries. The company’s products are designed to perform repeatedly in all types of harsh and demanding applications and environments.

Lind’s sales force will work with you to identify the right solution for your mobile power needs. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced with industry specific mobile power applications. From initial Q&A to final build and delivery of your mobile device, let Lind’s sales force develop a custom solution that will meet your mobile power requirements.

Lind’s engineering team includes knowledgeable experts in electronic and component design. Our engineering staff develops innovative solutions designed to meet your specific mobile power requirements. And Lind’s Technical Support reps provide expert service when troubleshooting issues that may occur with your Lind product.

Lind’s manufacturing and production teams build your product to spec and deliver your device quickly and efficiently. Each unit is built to meet exact engineering standards and quality checked to make sure it will function as intended for your exact needs.

Auto/air power adapter.
90W rugged AC/DC combo adapter.
MIL-STD power adapter.
BB-2590 battery charger.
Military cables and connectors.

From concept and design to delivery of your standard or custom products, turn to Lind Electronics for all of your mobile power needs.

Mobile power solutions for military

Lind Electronics provides standard and custom rugged portable and specialized solutions to all branches of the military. Lind offers AC/DC and DC/DC military spec products and battery charger solutions designed to meet various military power and environmental requirements. Custom mobile power and specialized cabling solutions may be engineered and manufactured for specific military applications.

Auto/Air power adaptors

Lind’s Auto/Air Power Adapters are designed to accept input voltages from 11-16 volt DC or 12-32 volt DC (depending on model) from automobiles, military vehicles or batteries. Output voltages and connectors are available to power nearly all laptop computers currently in use.

Custom input and output characteristics can be programmed into the adapters for special applications. Special connector, packaging and mounting configurations are available.

90-watt Rugged AC/DC Combo Adaptor

The Lind 90-watt Rugged AC/DC Combo Adapter simultaneously powers and charges laptops and other devices using either an AC or DC power source. The adapter’s computer specific design eliminates the need for multiple tips to power and charge a laptop.

The 90-watt Rugged AC/DC Combo Adapter has safety circuitry that protects sensitive devices. The adapter is housed in a rugged aluminum extrusion for added durability. The adapter is epoxy sealed to protect against shock, moisture and high humidity.

The 90-watt Rugged AC/DC Combo Adapter is RoHS and WEEE certified.

Lind MIL-STD power adapters

The Lind MIL-STD Laptop Power Adapters offer a rugged design for meeting MIL-STD461E, MIL-STD1275D and MIL-STD810F electrical and environmental standards.

The MIL-STD Laptop Power Adapters provide continuous rated power output and are available for most laptop models. These adapters offer an 11 – 32 VDC input power range and are epoxy sealed in an aluminum extrusion to withstand the harshest military environments. Input power is provided via a NATO Slave connector, BA-5590 battery, cigarette lighter input cable or other specific connection.

Lind’s MIL-STD Laptop Power Adapters come available in standard cable lengths, or custom cable lengths may be made to order upon request.

BB-2590 battery charger

The Lind BB-2590 Battery Charger is designed to charge a single BB-2590 military battery* (with or without the SMBUS) from any 12 – 32 volt DC input power source. The BB-2590 Battery Charger is compatible with the BB-2590 military battery and BB-2590 military battery with SMBUS.

The BB-2590 Battery Charger’s velcro strap secures the connector to the battery to ensure a solid connection with the battery contacts. Other input cable options are available upon request (some options include NATO Slave or solar panel connections).

* NOTE: BB-2590 military battery not included

Military cables and connectors

Lind Electronics’ 2590 SMBUS Battery Cables are designed to interface with BB-2590 batteries with or without the SMBUS. These cables are also compatible with other -xx90 military batteries.

The High Amperage NATO Slave Connector offers lightweight heavy-duty construction and provides easy screwdriver lug wire terminals for cable connections. Can accept up to 2 AWG copper strand wire. Easy to tighten compression fit wire strain relief connectors.

The Lind NATO Slave Connector plugs into a military Humvee’s NATO slave receptacle. The connector is available in either a fused or non-fused design.