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Military Fuel and Water Handling Systems and Services

AMA is a privately owned Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of fuel and water handling systems.

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Amatec is a privately owned Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of fuel and water handling systems. Our products range from bulk fuel and water installations for rapid deployment up to and including semi-permanent and permanent solutions, for diesel, petrol, jet fuel and water. The technology provided adopts the use of flexible and containerised solutions for storage tanks and refuelling / water distribution systems.

Our experience and credibility have been gained over many years in the field of design, manufacture and supply of equipment, enhanced by logistic support. We also provide personnel for the commissioning, training and maintenance of ground and aviation fuel handling and water equipment systems at installations around the globe for numerous peacekeeping and military operations.

Containerised storage and dispensing systems

Amatec’s containerised systems are ‘self sustained’ units designed and manufactured to transport, transfer, dispense, and collect a variety of fluids in support to military operations within the field.

Containerised Storage and Dispensing System for ground fuel (20’x8’x8’) including storage tank, unloading pump, double nozzle (high and low flow) fuel dispenser with integrated management system.
Tank Container for potable water (20’x8’x5’8”) 7’500 l capacity, with integrated pump set and filtration/UV sterilization unit, gen set operated.
Containerised sewage evacuation system (20’x8’x8’), 8’000 l sewage tank and 4’500l fresh water tank with integrated self-sustained vacuum and pressure pumps.
Modular workshop container based on 20’ ISO container fully equipped with professional electrotechnics and vehicle repair tools
Trailer mounted aviation fuel filtration – Transfer – Refueling System, diesel engine operated.
Collapsible fabric storage tank (aka bladder) available in various capacities and materials.
Air portable fuel cell 500 USG capacity available with accessories.
Fuel transfer pump, diesel engine or electrical operated suitable for fuel transfer, flow rates from 200 to 1’200 l/min.

Specific variants can be configured on demand for other uses, such as machinery and equipment maintenance, storage and disposal.
The systems are based on 20’x8’x8′ container complying with ISO specifications (668; 1496-1; 1496-3), suitable to be deployed over a wide range of geographic environments and climatic conditions, typically throughout climatic zones A1 – C1 (+49°C ÷ -32°C) as per AECTP 200/3. Pumps, motors, meters and electrical components construction is optimised in order to reduce the maintenance interventions.

CSDS – Containerised Storage and Dispensing System (CSDS) for Ground Fuels: The 20′ CSDS permits the transfer of diesel and kerosene in bulk at 240 l/min and the refuelling of light and heavy vehicles at 50 and 130 l/min respectively. All operations are controlled by a SCADA system that can be interlinked with the Operation Centre.

CPFT – Containerised Portable Fuel Tank (CPFT): The CPFT consists of an ADR certified 15’000 l double walled tank, a pumping set/dispensing unit powered by a diesel engine, complete with filter, meters and hose reels, designed to transport and dispense diesel fuel in a safe and uncontaminated way. The flow rates vary from a minimum of 30 l/min for jerry can filling up to 250 l/min for bulk fuel transfer.

CPWT – Containerised Potable Water Storage and Transfer System (CPWT): The CPWT module includes a tank with a capacity of 15,300 l, an 800 l/min diesel engine driven pump set, a fully fitted SS piping plus 5x5m suction/delivery food grade hoses suitable to carry out repeated filling/emptying cycles, whilst retaining a high hygienic standard.

CPSS – Containerised Portable Sewage System (CPSS): The CPSS is an integrated system suitable for sewage evacuation and portable toilet cleaning, featuring an 8,000 l baffled sewage collection and transport tank including a vacuum pump with appropriate wand and hosesm and a 5,000 l baffled clean water tank including a pressure washing system with appropriate hose and nozzles.

WTC – Water Tank Container (WTC): The WTC is a 20’x8’x5’8″ tank container with an integrated pump set and filtration/UV sterilisation unit capable to transport, store and dispense drinking water. It can be supplied as an interconnecting multi-modular system to a containerised purification system or as a standalone unit with integrated gen set. WTC is equipped with food grade hoses and accessories in order to dispense potable water in bulk at 500 l/min or via a dispenser at 50 l/min.

Bulk fuel installations for rapid deployment (jet fuel / diesel or petrol)

Predominantly used but not restricted to remote inaccessible areas, we can provide complete turnkey solutions, consisting of flexible tanks for bulk fuel storage and all necessary pumping, filtration and dispensing equipment.

These bulk fuel installations are capable of delivering the complete range of fuel handling requirements:

  • Refuelling of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Fuel receipt from aircraft or bowser
  • Fuel transfer to refuellers or bladders
  • Recirculation within the installations

Further enhancing the capability, we have a wide range of Fuel Transfer Pumps (FTP) with various flow rates, with or without filtering systems, which can be connected to the bulk fuel installation. We can additionally provide kerbside vehicle refuelling stations complete with fiscal or non-fiscal dispensers.

Collapsible Fabric Tank (BLADDER): Bladders offer light weight, compactness when folded, quick set up and good resistance in various climatic conditions and are suitable for deployment worldwide. They are available in different sizes and capacities, ranging from 500 l up to 800,000 l. Based on the fabrication material and connections lay out, bladders can be used to store hydrocarbons and / or potable water for human consumption. A bladder is delivered with a complete set of accessories and connection hoses, according to requirements.

We also offer open top storage tanks (Onion Tanks), which can be used for general water usage.

Aviation Fuel Trailer (AFT): The AFT is a complete system designed for handling aviation turbine fuel in the field, with the pump flow rate ranging from 400 to 1200 l/min. The machinery is fixed on a four wheel (two axis) trailer structure, which can be easily manoeuvred in most areas. The AFT can be designed to meet the required performances in terms of flow rate, suction-delivery distances and filtration systems (filter water separators, monitor filter).

Workshop containers for construction, installation and maintenance

The Workshop Container (WSC) is a complete workshop unit fitted into 20′ or 40′ ISO container, fully equipped to support construction, installation and maintenance projects. It is available as a stand alone unit or as a multi-modular system, customised according to client specifications.

The WSC can be equipped with self-sustaining power generation, distribution board and electrical wiring system, and air compressor to provide pressurised air for workshop activities and machinery operations.

The units can be air conditioned and supplied with a complete set of machines and hand tools to meet the individual specifications.

Our services

Our services include all aspects of technical and operational support through the lifecycle of any project:

  • Site assessment and feasibility studies
  • Installation design and site commissioning
  • On-site staff training and certification
  • Spares provisioning
  • Equipment calibration
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Supervision of temporary site de-commissioning

Other fuel handling and specialist equipment

  • Air portable fuel cells and seal drums
  • Transportable tanks
  • Day Tank for Gen-set fuel supply
  • Containers for storage and dispensing of lubricants
  • Containers for storage of waste oils and lubricants
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Forward area refuelling equipment (FARE)
  • Aviation fuel test equipment

White Papers

  • Amatec Containerised Systems for Military Operations

    The Amatec containerised systems are 'self-sustained' units designed and manufactured for transporting, transferring, dispensing and collecting a variety of fluids to support military operations within the field.

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