ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) provides leading C4I solutions that empower commanders with unrivalled superiority in situational awareness and decision-making for missions.

Our C4I capabilities comprise communications, soldier and urban operations systems, platform C4I, surveillance and tracking systems, underwater systems and electronic warfare systems.

We design and integrate C4I systems for an array of platforms, including computers, communications and surveillance systems and sensors. They can be customised and fully integrated with C3 equipment for responsive decision-making.

We also provide complete lifecycle support that comprises system design and development to system integration, project management, maintenance and provision of 24/7 managed services.

The SuperneT™ VICS can be deployed in wheeled / tracked combat vehicles and small marine vessels to provide reliable voice and data communications.
Mobile reconnaissance robots provide real-time video of environment for advance situation knowledge.
The CETEON™ family of Mil-Spec rugged vehicle mountable computers, displays and handheld computing devices are designed to drive the most demanding C4 applications under harsh environments.
The expandable CETRON™ mobile command hubs serve as mobile C4 centres to support onsite mission planning and management of emergency situations and disasters.

SuperneT™ communication network solutions for enhanced interconnectivity and interoperability in the field

The SuperneT™ Vehicular Integrated Communication System (VICS) is a flexible, ruggedised and reliable IP-based communication and network solution that can be deployed in wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, as well as small marine vessels.

As a key enabler for network-centric fighting capabilities, it provides a networked platform to integrate various C4 systems to enhance inter-connectivity, survivability and interoperability in the field.

Key system characteristics :

  • Communication services: The SuperneT™ VICS provides a high-speed ethernet ring IP redundancy backbone through the use of small form factor crew stations, radio interface unit and ethernet interface unit to overcome space constraint in tactical platforms. This enables connectivity, integration and interoperability of various communication systems.
  • System scalability and reliability: The solution adopts a scalable and modular system architecture that supports different interface requirements and configurations. It also features high-speed ethernet ring configurations and distributed power supply for high reliability.
  • Security: The SuperneT™ VICS provides secure communication services including authentication, encryption, voice / data separation etc.
  • System management: The solution enables system configuration and monitoring, supports radio control and management and incorporates radio patching for rebroadcast and interoperability.

Mobile reconnaissance robots provide real-time video of environment

The Tactical Throwing Sensor (TTS) is designed to be thrown through a window or a doorway.

The robot’s movement is controlled by the Control Display System (CDS) providing a good view of the environment before teams are sent into the area.

Tested to meet stringent MIL STD-810G environmental standards, the TTS stands up to rough handling and operates up to a range of 150m from the CDS.

The complete system comprises the sensor robot and the CDS, and is highly portable and easy to deploy for any operation.

The Forward Sensor System (FSS) is equipped with powerful motors and heavy-duty wheels to navigate quietly through difficult terrains and provide critical real-time video reconnaissance.

Optimised for mobility, speed and power, the FSS is specially built to operate in a variety of outdoor environments, including dirt-filled, sandy or rocky terrains.

The lightweight FSS can be carried around easily and deployed within seconds. Upon deployment, the FSS moves quickly to areas of interest to carry out covert surveillance.

CETEON™ Vehicular Computers drive C4 applications in the fields

The CETEON™ comprehensive range of rugged vehicle mountable computers, displays and handheld computing devices are designed to drive the most demanding C4 applications in the field.

The CETEON™ family of rugged products is tested and certified to stringent military standards such as the MIL-STD-810F.

They are designed to handle extreme conditions including vibrations, shock, varying temperatures and humidity.

It also provides for electromagnetic interferences and compatibility, while being compliant to MIL-STD 461E standard for ground mobility.

CETRON™ Mobile Command Hub for rapid deployment of command centres

The CETRON™ Mobile Command Hub (MCH) is expandable on one, or both sides of the vehicle’s body.

Fully motorised, it allows for a quick and fully automated expansion of its cabins and the deployment of internal consoles.

The CETRON™ MCH can be customised to incorporate equipment and communication facilities that support on-site mission planning, C2 and inter-agency communications for large-scale events, emergencies management or disaster recovery.

It can be deployed with ST Electronics’ SuperneT™ Integrated Communication System ST6800 to provide seamless interoperable communication between the MCH and ST6800-equipped vehicles.

Key features:

  • Fully automated deployment, providing more than 40sqm of workspace
  • Supports one / two-sided expansion
  • Provides on-site link between MCHs to form larger command centres, accommodating up to 28 personnel
  • Supports voice, data and video communications for interoperability between agencies