DICOM is a Czech technology company, which develops and manufactures highly dependable products for high-profile government institutions such as military and law enforcement agencies as well as business organizations from aviation industry and utilities.

Today DICOM offers a complete range of cutting-edge devices for voice and data communication, GPS satellite navigation, precise time / frequency generators and dedicated electronics for aviation industry.

DICOM, a daughter company of MESIT Holding continues the tradition of development and production of airborne electronics spanning over fifty years of expanding its professional field of activity and continuously innovating its technologies.

The DICOM products are developed and tested according to worldwide accepted standards (ISO, MIL-STD, STANAG, etc).

PR20 personal role radio – for short range communication between members of small units.
RF20 EPM handheld transceiver - multiband, multimode, multirole.
DT 13 radio data terminal - data communication, text messaging, networking and GPS position reporting capabilities.
TPD 97 digital field phone - EURO-ISDN line access in demanding environments.
RF2050 EPM mobile transceiver – small but robust product from RF20 family with 50W power output for any kind of vehicles.

DICOM uses its own modern technologies and methods of management in the development and production. All processes in the company are regularly inspected and certified according to international standards.

The high production quality, servicing support and maximum orientation towards customers represent the main strategy of DICOM.


The main production line consists of a comprehensive communication system, providing all tactical communication solutions. It includes personal, handheld, portable, mobile and stationary transceivers; radio data terminals; automatic rebroadcast systems; remote control; telephone network connection; vehicle intercoms and other accessories.


The PR20 personal role radio operates in 2.4GHz frequency band using spread spectrum waveform – combination of time hopping, frequency hopping and OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex).

Designed for operation within groups of up to 30 users in areas with difficult radio operability, such as inside buildings and in densely developed municipal areas allows for full duplex communication in ad-hoc digital networks with no additional infrastructure required.

Automatic rebroadcasting (packet routing), space diversity transmission and reception (two transmitters and two receivers in each radio), high speed data transmission, long battery life and relay to higher network are standard features.


Belonging to the RF20 family of multiband tactical radios with increased resistance to radio-electric warfare, is designed for installation into any kind of tracked or wheeled vehicles.

Small footprint, robust design and outstanding features add to its great utility, especially in modernization of existing vehicular installations. The built-in modem ensures data communication in tactical IP networks according to MIL-STD-188-220B.


The RF20 handheld transceiver represents a new type of communications tool, using latest digital technologies. These technologies feature Communication Security (COMSEC) and Transmission Security (TRANSEC), eliminating the chance of the transmitted signal being detected, decrypted, monitored and intentionally jammed.

The transceiver operates in HF and VHF bands including airband (multiband) and comprises many special features (multirole and multimode). There are Frequency Hopping (FH), Digital Fixed Frequency (DFF), Free Channel Search (FCS) and FH/FCS – mixed modes (MIX).

During FH operation in the tactical band, continuous monitoring of the 121.500MHz emergency frequency takes place. The transceiver has a simple 12-key control panel with a graphical LCD display indicating the operating status and displaying short text messages (SMS).


Designed for voice or data operation in the frequency range 30MHz to 88MHz. It features built-in digital scrambler or encryption unit, transmission of short coded messages (FLASH), selective communication, channel scanning, output power selection 5W/0.2W, up to nine-channel presets and a remote control using smart handset. Wide range of use of the transceiver is possible owing to a variety of antennas.


These sets are assembled of RF13 system components mutually linked through electrical and mechanical connections. The specific configuration of the set depends on the equipment incorporated and the type of vehicle (wheeled, tracked, armored vehicles, base installations, etc.). Mobile sets feature 25W or 50W output power.


In cooperation with company ROHDE & SCHWARZ, Germany, DICOM developed the R-150S HF transceiver with output power of 150W. The transceiver sets meet all HF radio communication requirements. With its small dimensions, solid design and easy operation, the R-150S HF transceiver is suitable for most types of vehicles.