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Advanced Electronics and Systems Solutions for Defence Industry

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DA-Design is the 7th Sense Solutions provider and partner for defence and space authorities as well as industry. We serve navy, air forces, army and space segments worldwide and locally in Finland. Our 7th Sense Solutions provide a cost-effective way to increase the performance of applications with new solutions or replacing and modernising existing systems with cutting-edge electronics.

DA-Design has delivered antenna positioning systems, electronic warfare suite test systems, radar testing and calibrating as well as intelligent electronic mine fuze systems for demanding military use. In the space sector, DA-Design executes projects as a subcontractor for major space companies and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Development and delivery of space-approved analog and digitalise microwave and signal processing systems and equipment for satellites and ground station applications will be offered. Manufacturing, testing and validation are included in the service. Additionally, we execute technology studies and development for future satellites.

The proven DA7 Quality System meets industrial, military and space requirements. The key standards – ISO 9001:2008; design, development and production according to AQAP standards (e.g. AQAP 2110 and 2120); product assurance fully compliant to ESA PSS and ECSS standards; and electronics assembly according to ESA PSS-01-708 / ECSS Q-70-08, ESA PSS-01-738, ECSS Q-70-28. In addition, each DA-Design facility has a facility security clearance (FSC) up to level EU SECRET. Personal security clearances are also available.

Improved performance with 7th Sense advanced electronic solutions

DA-Design is a system, subsystem and equipment developer and supplier, including LCM services. Our efficient high-performance solutions are used in various demanding environments from sea depths to space vacuum.

7th Sense Solutions means detecting and communicating in the air, land or underwater with RF, microwave, millimeter wave, magnetics, pressure, acoustic, vibration, IR, UV or any combination of these methods. We offer multi-use technologies for military and space applications. Our typical solutions include altimeters, radiometers, velocity radars, countermeasures, signature detection, radar, electronic fuze, EW protection system tester, radar tester, radar jammer and secured data links. The company’s experts are familiar with a wide range of applications.

Advanced antenna positioner

AZELi™ is an all-weather precision antenna positioning system with RF system control throughputs. The integrated construction offers simple cabling and easy installation, with mechanics and control electronics in one package. The light weight makes installation easy and minimises mast load. Heavy duty elevation stands support various dish antenna sizes, and customised antenna installations are available.

Continuous azimuth rotation as standard operation and up to 210° elevation is available. Various throughputs, manual, remote and automatic control functions make it versatile. The system has a wide temperature range and full capability for outdoor use in demanding environments. Modern encrypted control via copper or optical Ethernet offers reliable and secure remote control.

Electronic warfare suite tester

DARAD™ is a fast, reliable and complete field-proved system to test electronic warfare suite systems’ condition and operation on land, air and sea. Practically it is a missile emulator.

DARAD is a 3-in-1 handheld tester having true wide band RF transmitter from 2GHz to 40GHz, IR and UV light emitters. The transmitter has wide frequency range and modulations and a mask for blocking out unauthorised frequencies. Remote controlling makes field testing fast and easy.

DARAD emulates a missile’s signature by transmitting radar, laser and UV signatures. With a set of pre-programmable signatures, a wide range of electronic self-protecting systems can be tested with DARAD. The DARAD warfare suite tester is part of the DAEWTS™ electric warfare test system family.

Advanced radar tester and calibrator system

The DARTAC™ system combines a transmitter, a receiver and modern electronics with superfast signal processing and algorithms for radar testing and calibrating – delivering mobile, wireless and remote performances never reached before.

The DARTAC system can operate as a passive transmitter, receiver or an active radar transponder. The system simulates radar transmitter power, pulse length, pulse interval and pulse compression. It can also simulate cross-section area, distance and speed of a target. Through air operation the system offers remote and mobile operation advantages.

Electronic mine fuze system and sea mines

DAEMFS™ is the complete system for mine applications, including intelligent performance. The DAEMFS system includes the following components: mine fuze electronic device (MFED), on site parameter setting device (OPSD), fuze research and testing system (FRTS), algorithm and parameter development software (APDS), MFDE’s leak testing system (MLTS) and MFDE’s maintenance system (MMS). Training and LCM services are offered. DAEMFS is an easy way to modernise existing mines. With a partner, complete mines are also offered.

Vehicle computer and display system

DAVEC™ is a robust vehicle computer system for demanding applications. Find out more at our website, or by contacting us using the details or form below.

TRG-122 Guided Artillery Missile

TRG-122 is a 122mm precision-guided artillery rocket designed to provide high firepower against high pay-off surface targets at long ranges.

DA-Design Attends DSEI 2013

DA-Design will be exhibitng their products at DSEI 2013, the world-leading defence and security event, in London from 10-13 September 2013.

7th Sense Solutions – From the Depths of Sea Up to Space

The Finnish technology company's primary clients today are space and defence authorities and integrators, global industrial and manufacturing companies, public transportation operators and vehicle manufactures. The common denominator is demanding and extremely reliable solutions.

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