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Virtual Military Simulation Tools

United States of America

United States of America

Game Production Studios (GPS) produces computer-based serious games for individual and group learning, as well as compelling immersive environments combining physical and virtual elements. Drawing on experience in the worlds of video games, software development, movies (sets and special effects), the theater, amusement parks, and educational design, we produce projects that delight end-users as they exceed customer requirements and objectives.

With both internal and external resources, GPS offers strength and flexibility. We have a solid in-house core team with Abalone Studios, our internal development studio, and work with a network of top talent, pulling in specialized resources as needed for specific projects.

We take our clients’ concepts and make them a reality. Our organic approach means we are active partners with our clients, subject matter experts, and other team members, always working to come up with creative solutions to meet ongoing challenges. We combine technical expertise with a passion to provide the best deliverable possible.

Turnkey virtual military simulations

GPS has a unique ability to handle both the virtual and physical aspects, and provides complete, end-to-end project production. We have experience building elaborate immersive environments and training tools that engage and amaze while delivering solid educational experiences with emotional impact.

Virtual battlespace simulation tools for military training

Game Production Services creates standalone virtual tools used for training and other non-entertainment purposes. Our serious games run on a single PC and can be used by a single user or in a networked multi-user mode. This allows for both individual and group training. This form of training application is ideally suited to a classroom or laboratory environment, or for home/office use. Our stand alone virtual training tools include Full Spectrum Command (FSC) and Full Spectrum Leader (FSL)

Company-level command and control training tool

FSC version 1.5 was created to allow trainees to experience tactical command and control of a US Army light infantry company. This interactive training tool lets commanders hone skills learned through traditional instruction on a virtual asymmetrical battlefield.

Platoon-level command and control training tool

FSL was created to allow trainees to experience tactical command and control of a US Army light infantry platoon in a military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) environment. Another version was customized for the Singapore Armed Forces.

Location-based immersive virtual experience (LIVE) training

Game Production Services also specializes in location-based immersive virtual experience (LIVE) training. By immersing the student in a realistic, virtual experience, LIVE Training™ heightens their emotional involvement and stimulates retention of the training materials. The depth of our capabilities in creating immersive training environments is unmatched.

LIVE Training consists of the following factors.

Immersive physical training environments

GPS works with top set designers and builders from the amusement park and theater industries to design and create realistic immersive environments. These incredible spaces can include special effects using light, temperature, wind, smoke, and sound.

Immersive virtual environments

GPS works with top computer game developers to design and create realistic virtual environments. These high-production-value worlds can be designed from scratch, or modeled after real-world locations.

Training and simulation software

GPS works with subject matter experts to develop immersive, interactive courseware for all types of skills training and cognitive training applications

About GPS

Founded in 2003 by game-industry veteran Glyn Anderson, and programmer and software company manager, Janeen Anderson, GPS was created to fill a need for the production of serious games and immersive environments.

Its founders have a background in entertainment software development, engineering, and business management which has enabled GPS to grow steadily as it continues to produce groundbreaking projects for its clients. Abalone Studios, GPS’ internal development studio, was founded in 2006.



United States of America