FAAC designs, develops and produces simulation training for military simulations such as weapon models, electronic warfare and intelligent threats, and driver training simulators that are customer designed, interactive, and reconfigurable. We have 35 years of experience providing reliable, turn-key, simulation training solutions to military and commercial customers.

Military operations simulation training

FAAC provides a wide variety of services encompassing all stages of a military operations scenario sustem’s construction, from problem definition to conceptual innovation to final solution. This work draws on expertise in air and land warfare tactics, weapon guidance, avionics, tactical air and surface launched weapons, electronic warfare, sensors, threat air defenses (surface-to-air and air-to-air), weapon system trainers, and training ranges.

Interactive, reconfigurable driver training simulators

Driver training simulators allow both military and commercial trainees to learn and master beginning to advanced on/off road operations, as well as handle dangerous and hazardous conditions without risk to man or machine.

FAAC simulators are available in a variety of hardware configurations but all provide unparalleled realism for a highly educational, operational experience. Experience the ultimate in steering feel and response whether the trainee is driving a specialized military vehicle, a police car, fire truck, ambulance, transit bus or rail, tractor trailer truck, or vehicles with liquid loads and unique centers of gravity.

FAAC is the sole commercial supplier of weapon and electronic combat environments for the US Navy and Air Force TACTS/ACTS programs.
US Marine Corps’ MTVR driver training simulator with three DOF motion seats.
FAAC simulators realistically immerse the operator in a virtual driving environment.
Reconfigurable dash boards used for the US Army’s operator driving simulator (USA ODS).
FAAC airport driving simulator for Baltimore Washington International Airport—dual operator.

Specialized features that are unique to specific military vehicles and commercial driver applications are built into the software of the turn-key simulators.

Military driver training simulators

FAAC provides state-of-the-art military simulators to train US Army, USN, USMC, USAF and National Guard vehicle operators. Features include:

  • Simulated vehicles include the Buffalo, Cougar, M1114 HMMWV, MTVR, FMTV, M915, M939, HEMTT, PLS, HET, and Stryker each with associated payloads and trailers
  • More complete training than ever before
  • Standardized training with automatic monitoring and robust scoring

Commercial driver training simulators

FAAC’s produces driver training simulators for commercial customers including airport ground personnel, fire/EMS operators, police, transit bus and rail operators, and the trucking industry.

Vehicle models include:

  • ARFF apparatus and maintenance vehicles for airports
  • Fire/EMS—aerial, pumper, tiller, and tower trucks, tractor-drawn ladder trucks, ambulances and MERV rescue vehicle.
  • Police cruisers
  • Transit bus—generic and fleet-specific vehicles
  • Rail simulators with fault isolation/resolution and signal/alignment switch logic
  • Truck transport simulators—tractor trailers, dump trucks, and specialized oil-field trucks

Simulators are equipped with appropriate cab and equipment configurations. We develop new models per customer specifications. Proven and repeatable results from our training simulators can be expected to increase efficiency, and reduce accident rates and O and M costs.

Why buy from FAAC?

In-house expertise, design to solution capability, and a history of repeat business make FAAC’s military operation simulation products the perfect choice for your solutions. We believe in a “customer-for-life” philosophy. No company provides better customer support and service than FAAC. Quality components, flexible design, specialized software, and a long life span make us the best value in the market place.

FAAC is the world’s leading supplier of accurate, high-speed weapon system simulations. The electronic combat environment depicted in the 1986 movie, Top Gun, was and still is provided by FAAC. As a result of successfully providing, updating, and maintaining simulation training solutions for military environments, FAAC has an excellent reputation with both developmental and operational military activities.