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Mobile Maintenance Trucks for Military and Humanitarian Organisations

XL Service Bodies (XL) supplies mobile trailers to international defence organisations such as the US Army and United Nations.

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XL Service Bodies

XL Service Bodies (XL) supplies mobile trailers to international defence organisations such as the US Army and United Nations.

We are a worldwide supplier of light-utility service bodies for military, humanitarian and non-profit tenders. Structures are long-lasting and use quality Australian-manufactured sheet steel and aluminium.

Mobile maintenance trucks for adverse environments

XL specialises in mobile maintenance trucks (MMT), and are resilient in adverse climates and inhospitable terrain.

XL designs and manufactures service bodies and canopies for customers worldwide.
XL manufactures service bodies from its purpose-built facilities in Queensland, Australia.
XL supplies war wagons for the US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Land Cruisers for Rio Tinto in Mongolia.
XL's custom-made service bodies can withstand challenging climates and inhospitable terrain.
XL is Australia’s leading service body supplier for defence organisations.

Our equipment has been used by US forces on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as transporting humanitarian personnel and resources for Medicine Sans Frontier and the Red Cross.

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure constant high-quality, durable and efficient products, along with cost-effective streamlined manufacturing processes.

Fully fitted service bodies for defence vehicles

We have built fully fitted service bodies on Toyota Land Cruisers and Ford Rangers, as well as a variety of other truck models.

We can additionally fit the vehicles with tools, air compressors, generators, welders and hand tools, as well as label them in multiple languages for international workforces.

XL’s one-piece, all-steel unit with externally accessible, weatherproof side cabinets and a central load area with tie-down is currently used by clients in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the Middle East and the UK.

Customised service bodies for fleet vehicle operation

XL has decades of experience in customised service bodies for fleet vehicles. We are able to meet the requirements of fleet owners and operators such as Isuzu Trucks Australia.

We provide logical, ergonomic service vehicle solutions that are purpose-made, cost-effective and offer high return on investment (ROI). Our expertise allows customers to be assured we deliver on both compliance and safety. Our commitment to quality means our clients enjoy an increase in productivity, safety and ROI.

Innovative solid modelling and CAD / CAM software

XL designs and manufactures mobile maintenance trucks that are precise and reliable without variation. We use advanced technology and systems such as Solidworks® solid modelling and state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) / computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software.

Our high-quality sheet metal machinery ensures all components are made to high-quality standards and stringent requirements in order that our products deliver optimal weather and dust protection.

Our resourcing extends beyond technology to highly skilled mechanical and technical engineers involved in every step of the manufacturing process.

About XL Service Bodies

XL Service Bodies is a family-owned company based in Queensland, Australia, with more than 25 years experience in the service body industry and recognised as the pioneer of the Australian service body market.

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