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Defence Support Services and Innovative Technology for the Military Industry

Shoreham Technical Centre,
BN43 5FG West Sussex,
United Kingdom

Shoreham Technical Centre,
BN43 5FG West Sussex,
United Kingdom


Ricardo offers defence sector solutions across multiple sectors and international boundaries.

Ricardo’s services focuses on specific customer challenges that prioritise the technologies we integrate into land, air and sea.

Innovative technical solutions for the defence industry

Ricardo develops individual technology and innovative solutions for exploiting over a range of market sectors.

We are a provider of defence solutions such as:

  • Hybrid and electric drives
  • Kinetic energy storage solutions
  • Battery power and control electronics
  • Drive by wire systems
  • Infra-red sensors
  • High ballistic absorbing seating
  • Composite pods
  • Overhead weapon stations
  • Autonomous vehicles and efficient small high-performance engines
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Intelligent driver aids

Strategic consulting to enhance business effectiveness and efficiency

Ricardo’s strategic consulting division works alongside several leading worldwide brands, to enhance performance and reduce costs.

An integral part of our business model is to distribute our extensive independent sector experience with an international customer base.

Our work is strictly confidential when collaborating with a number of companies to improve and enhance business effectiveness and efficiency, within demanding and challenging markets that are directed by lowest cost, yet providing the highest quality.

We have worked in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Cost and schedule analysis
  • Acquisition management
  • Engineering and programme
  • Assessment
  • Market Studies
  • Improving Supply Chain performance
  • Logistics Support
  • Designing through life cost models and plans

Vehicle integration within the military industry

Ricardo’s success in the automotive field has proven it to be a reputable engineer of choice for a wide range of sectors.

Within the military industry, Ricardo designed and integrated of the Land Rover WMIK, which is the foundation of the defence integration business activity.

Since its introduction, the Land Rover has been expanded and developed as a response to increased threat in the field space.

Our vehicle engineering capabilities have supported a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for tracks and wheels.

Ricardo manufactures short production runs of technically sophisticated components, assemblies and complete vehicles.

Engineering services for land-based vehicles

Ricardo has been a preferred engineering partner for many OEMs.

Our extensive engineering capabilities have enabled solutions for light to heavy operating space on land and at sea.

To improve performance in fuel efficiency and emissions, we have redesigned and engineered land-based vehicles, improving ballistic protection and reducing weight as a response of increased threat levels.

Ricardo UK

Shoreham Technical Centre


BN43 5FG

West Sussex

United Kingdom