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Land Rover

Military and Discreet Armoured Vehicles


For over 60 years Land Rover has been at the fore-front of developments and innovation in all terrain vehicles. As well as distinctive, supremely capable, civilian vehicles, Land Rover has established a trusted position as rugged vehicle supplier of choice for the security and defence sectors in many countries across the globe. Land Rover Defence Vehicles have seen service the world over and demonstrated their exceptional blend of dependability and capability in some of the toughtest, most hostile conditions on earth.

Our range of military vehicles are based on the hugely versatile Defender platform which can be fitted for a range of specific or general purpose applications. Our Land Rover Armoured Vehicles programme offers the discreet, independently verified, B6 armouring of the world renowned Range Rover and Discovery products. Perfect for the discerning close protection (CP) or law enforcement customer.

Defender 24v FFR (Fitted For Radio)

Defender’s legendary all-terrain mobility and its capacity for carrying high-tech equipment safely make it ideal for command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4i) roles. This combination of all-terrain vehicle, 24v architecture, fully Def Stan 59.411 Class A / Mil Std 461F compliant suppression, electronic surveillance and counter-measures capability ensures Defender FFR is the best vehicle to meet your C4i needs.

Defender RDV (Rapid Deployment Vehicle) and GS (General Service)

The RDV is a modular platform for equipment and weapons based on the standard heavy duty Defender 90 or 110 General Service vehicles. It is a tough, flexible and exceptionally mobile vehicle specifically designed to meet the increasingly important border patrol, short or long range missions, peacekeeping support, humanitarian and refugee protection operations that face the world’s defence forces.

The RDV conversions can be fitted to a prepared base vehicle in four hours with standard hand tools, which permits rapid reaction units to become fully mobile in the minimum amount of time. The flexible loadspace allows stowage of ammunition, kit and rations. It is equipped with weapons stowage and tie-downs, plus versatile and flexible netting and straps.

Two RDV versions are available – one is a three-seater configured with a low-profile superstructure to allow stowage inside a CH-47 or CH-53E helicopter, without the need for dismantling. The other version has a normal superstructure height to accommodate an additional rear-facing weapon post and gunner. Both versions can be stowed in C130 transport planes and are fully approved by JATE (UK MoD) for air transportation.

Defender Military Ambulances

Land Rover’s Defender ambulance variant enables paramedics and first-aid responders to rapidly reach and extract a casualty in even the most hostile terrain. The Defender’s agility and off-road performance makes it the ideal ambulance for mountain rescue, battlefield casualty evacuation (casevac) and disaster relief roles.

The Defender Ambulance comes fitted with a full range of medical emergency equipment.

Land Rover Armoured Vehicles

The discretely armoured and independently Qinetiq certified Range Rover and Discovery Armoured models offer full B6 level ballistic protection in a stylish package barely distinguishable from its un-armoured bretheren.

Features include:

  • Available in both left-hand and right-hand drive
  • Compliant with B6 ballistic level of protection
  • Side blast and under floor grenade protection
  • Independent ballistic and blast certification
  • Uprated suspension, handling and braking system
  • Wheels fitted with run-flat tyre system
  • A comprehensive range of optional protection features
  • Optional packages of driver training and Armoured specific aftersales care

Land Rover