EURACOM Germany offers outstanding automotive ballistic protection for customers worldwide. EURACOM delivered armoured cars to clients in more then 50 countries.Clients include heads of state, government officials, international organisations, NGO´s, police forces and private security companies.

EURACOM’s product range includes:

  • 4×4 SUV and pickups up to the highest ballistic-protective demmands demands
  • Armoured personnel carriers for up to 15 passengers based on Mercedes Sprinters and Varios as well as Volkswagen mini-buses
  • Armoured dozers and engineer vehicles
  • Armoured limousines and CIT cars

Advantages of EURACOM armoured vehicles include:

  • Annonymity – the ideal armoured car should not look armoured: the outside appearance of our cars remain unchanged, our cars draw less attention as they have a discrete visual appearance
  • Handling – higher weight will be compensated for by an adapted suspension and braking system
  • Certified quality – all of our vehicles hold certification for the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Durability and adaptibility – our vehicles feature tough road vehicle adaption and suspension upgrade (increased payload)
  • Worldwide logistics support

Adaptible armoured vehicles

EURACOM's armoured cars are the perfect solution for diplomatic missions, international and humanitarian organisations, NGO’s, border police, senior military staff and private security companies. EURACOM supplies automotive upgrade and ballistic conversion according to the customer’s needs.

EURACOM’s armoured personal carriers are based on Mercedes Sprinter and Vario models
EURACOM’s armoured vehicles feature up to B7 and 4x4 capabilities.
EURACOM vehicles feature a unique light weight cage design.
EURACOM armoured vehicles are discreet and secure.
EURACOM vehicles feature superb handling due to adapted and tested suspension upgrade and braking systems.

Ballistic and IED protection for armoured vehicles

All EURACOM armoured vehicles feature cutting-edge ballistic protection without compromising their outstanding handling capabilities and manoeuvrability, giving our armoured vehicles the key qualities to survive an ambush. IED jamming devices can also be implemented on request.

Protective cage for armoured vehicles

EURACOM armoured vehicles feature a unique cage format designed as a self-surviving cell which gives maximum protection to the passengers and also serves to protect against anything from traffic accidents to high explosives. Desophisticated and tested armouring materials are used to reduce the cage’s weight.

Up-armoured dozers and engineer vehicles

EURACOM offer ballistic upgrading of dozers and engineer vehicles for crisis areas. EURACOM provide high quality armouring combined with superb vehicle handling for a fair price. Several hundred customers worldwide protect their staff with EURACOM cars every day.