OWR AG is the leading specialist for efficient NBC decontamination of personnel, equipment, vehicles, terrain and clothing – from portable decontamination equipment to complete container solutions. The unique patented low-pressure DEDAS system makes it possible to mix all known decontamination chemicals in the required quantity and in minimum time. We also offer special detection equipment, such as the Fox NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle, as well as personnel protection equipment and detection vehicles for civilian use.

Our proven high-quality products are used in large numbers by military organizations and civil defense installations all over the world. Most of our products have been assigned NSNs.


DEDAS – the universal solution: The patented low-pressure system allows the mixing of emulsions, foam and diluted solutions for decontamination purposes, in small and large quantities. It has a capacity of up to 200l/min and can also be used with seawater. DEDAS may be operated on its own, or as a module in a container, on a truck or trailer (NSN 4230-12-366-1563).

Decofogger – the mobile solution: Used in many countries in conjunction with the decontamination agent GD-5 as a system patent, the Decofogger produces a suspended decontamination fog with a droplet size of 1µm, so that even hard-to-reach parts of vehicles, machinery, and areas can be decontaminated. Surfaces are coated with ultra-thin layers, which save costs and protect the environment (NSN 4230-01-499-5612).

The universal decontamination system DEDAS produces emulsions, foams and solutions for army, air force, navy, civil defence, disaster control, fire companies, and others.
Portable decontamination equipment Decofogger (1), Turbofogger (2), and Cobra (3) for fogging/spraying the patented, ready-to-use decontamination solution GD-5.
MPD 100 (Multi Purpose Decontamination) – a system for vehicles, personnel, gear, buildings, sensitive equipment and terrain.
Roll-on Decont for the decontamination of large numbers of people in minimum time, for example after hazards at airports, train stations, trade fairs, public buildings, etc.
The Decont Trailer is the right system for the decontamination of medium numbers of vehicles, persons, gear, buildings, and terrain.

Turbofogger – the aircraft solution: This explosion-proof aerosol machine allows the use of GD-5 even in areas with a high fire risk, for example in and around aircraft (NSN 4230-01-499-5615).

Cobra – the compact solution: Our light and handy sprayer for our liquid decontamination agent GD-5 is so compact in size that it can be attached to a person’s belt and functions without admission pressure. As pressure is only applied for the application, it is extremely safe (NSN 4230-01-499-5608).


MPD100 – the complete solution: This full container system (20ft ISO container) boosts an hourly decontamination capacity of up to 200 persons, or 20 large vehicles, or 6km of terrain decontamination. Despite its large capacity, the MPD100 is highly mobile and can be operated by only three individuals (NSN 4230-12-355-7997).

Roll-On Decont – the flexible solution for civil defense: Introduced in civil defense to great success, this system is set up in a 20ft container with roll-on frame and independent power supply. It can be transported on any vehicle with a roll-on system. The Roll-On Decont decontaminates up to 240 persons per hour, or, in combination with DEDAS, up to 40 vehicles per hour. Special fittings are available for the decontamination of luggage in airports.

Decont Trailer – the economic solution: Set up on a one-axle or two-axle trailer, this system has its own power supply. In combination with DEDAS and Decofogger, the Decont Trailer reaches almost the performance of large-scale decontamination systems. It requires vehicles with a minimum of 2t towing capacity.


Custom-tailored solutions: In addition to our standard solutions, we are also able to provide our customers with tailored solutions from our proven OWR modules.

Training: Customers can receive extensive training and maintenance instruction at OWRs own training center, as well as on-site training worldwide.

Spare parts: OWR guarantees fast, reliable and international supply of spare parts for up to 25 years after the purchase – a guarantee that goes far beyond the requirements of NATO and other organizations.

Maintenance and repair: Our experienced service team is available for maintenance and repair all around the globe.

Decontamination agents: We also supply the chemicals you need to operate your OWR system. All chemicals are delivered in 15l or 30l wide-mouthed combination containers (Hobbock) that meet the legal regulations for the transport of hazardous materials.