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Direct Action Australia

Consultancy, Training and Operations Services for the Defence Industry


Direct Action Australia (DA) is the only defence consultancy company that has aligned itself with one of Australia’s largest military communities.DA offers professional services regionally, nationally and internationally, providing a range of capability-focused solutions to assist government, non -government and commercial enterprises.

DA provides intellectual and physical workforce capacity to help organisations maximise their full capability and increase overall productivity and performance.

While specialising in defence-related business, DA has the capacity to meet short or long-term contractual obligations irrespective of the industry or environment, including domestic, regional and non-regional ventures.

In the main, DA utilises the skills and experience of highly reputable former Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) employees to provide a range of highly ethical and credible business services.

Defence consultancy services

DA is North Queensland’s defence consultancy service of choice. Fundamentally, DA focuses on two core elements within the defence consultancy service, they are: a service external to the ADO, assisting organisations to do business with defence and a service internally delivered on behalf of defence.   Direct Action’s highly experienced professionals are the SMEs that possess the knowledge and experience to assist the contracted organisation to understand and meet all individual and corporate governance requirements and expectations of the ADO, Direct Action can assist in the following areas:

  • Company representation and liaison with the ADO, or third party organisations representing or doing business with the ADO
  • Capability definition
  • Requirements analysis
  • Business case/tender development
  • Research and analysis

Training and development support services for the defence industry

DA’s training and development supports the delivery of realistic, capability focused, organisational training to facilitating workforce / organisational capacity building, task specific training and task rehearsal training exercises.

  • Workforce / organisational capacity building
  • Task specific and task rehearsal training activities
  • Comprehensive training and development consultancy including training continuum development, activity planning, preparation and execution
  • Performance evaluation and after action review
  • Comprehensive training activity (exercise) support, including logistics, role-player and scenario preparation and replication

Defence organisation improvement

DA is a business services company that provides a range of capabilities to assist government and commercial enterprises to achieve organisational goals. Direct Action provides intellectual or physical workforce capacity to evaluate, enhance or remove hollowness by closing gaps in desired organisational capability

  • Group performance evaluation and validation
  • Coaching, teaching and mentoring performance improvement and leadership
  • Organisational efficiency and business improvement
  • Change management

Document production services for the defence industry

Invariably, most organisations have neither the time nor experienced staff to devote exclusively to having the expenses, time or luxury of having dedicated staff to meet a variety of industry requirements. DA professionals can assist with the development of organisational development, either as an embedded contractor (as part of the organisation’s team), assisting with:

  • Policy development
  • Operational orders and administrative instructions
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP) development
  • Doctrine writing
  • Technical writing

Direct Action Australia