DOLL delivers highly mobile solutions for many military transportation purposes. The DOLL military vehicles are designed to master challenging conditions all around the world.

Based in Germany and having a wide experience in the civil and military heavy haulage industry DOLL keeps its engineering and production facilities up-to-date conforming to the requirements of the industry.

DOLL is certified according to ISO 9001 by the German Bundeswehr and others. Through many years of successful collaboration with the armed forces the company is enabled to meet the requirements of the regulatory authorities worldwide. Furthermore, DOLL is cooperating with the truck industry and other companies in the sector.

7 axle HET with 72 t payload.
7 axle HET with 72 t payload.
Highly manoeuvrable semitrailer with recovery utilities.
Platform bodies with low-torsion and torsion-free technology.
Platform bodies with low-torsion and torsion-free technology.
HET - swivel arms with pendulum axles.
ILS documentation.

Turning commercial transportation technology into military logistic vehicles

The conversion of special civil technology into military vehicles results in cost-effective, durable and versatile solutions for small quantities as well as for large numbers. Tailor made mobility solutions meeting the logistic and reliability requirements have made DOLL the preferred partner for the industry. According to the ´local content´-rule DOLL delivers from single components to CKD-kits as required for the specific issue.

Military platforms and superstructures for off-road operations

Platforms and flatbeds are manufactured as low-torsion and torsion-free versions and can be set up on all kinds of truck chassis for shelter, cargo and troop transportation. The range of transportation equipment extends from short and highly mobile 4×4-chassis to 8×8-chassis with high loading capacities. To meet all the logistic requirements various load handling devices like cranes, winches and hook lifts are part of the DOLL design. A comprehensive storage concept for the essential equipment (tools, camouflage, water and fuel) is specifically engineered for each type of vehicle.

Transportation of heavy military equipment

DOLL produces trailers and semi-trailers with a payload of 72 t and more. To meet the challenging requirements of military mobility technical features like a compensating gooseneck, a hydraulic suspension, swivel arms with pendulum axles and a high-end steering system are used.

Special interfaces are designed according to the loaded military equipment like battle tanks or temporary military bridges. The recovery of damaged vehicles is supported by means of winch equipment engineered and installed as per the requirements.

Discover the panther

There is something new on the market of heavy haulage: The DOLL panther: The panther vehicles are equipped with a high-quality individual wheel suspension which allows high payloads with an axle load of up to 12 t and a very low dead weight. The panther vehicles guarantee a stable driving performance with low driving heights.

Another plus of the panther series is the high manoeuvrability on difficult terrain with a high steering angle up to 55°. There is no side tilt due to the fact that the platform remains level at all times – regardless of the centre of gravity.

The panther running gear with DOLL premium components guarantees you the best performance: Perfect road holding, cornering stability, cargo stability and lower tyre wear than in similar competitors’ vehicles.

Working in strategic alliances

Part of the DOLL engineering expertise is to join forces and work in close cooperation with other key industries to create special superstructures. Thereby special technology like decontamination systems, radar controls, missile launch systems and antenna mast systems becomes mobile.

Vehicle assembly with DOLL components

Single components like suspension arms, compensating goosenecks, control systems and complete CKD-kits are available for the final assembly of the vehicle according to the local content aspect. A special DOLL project team supports this process.
Military project management and engineering

Above all DOLL is offering a wide range of engineering and project management services. The DOLL engineering services include mechanical as well as electronic developments. With the support of the DOLL project management the customer will be accompanied along the whole course of the project.

Service to keep the forces moving

To operate the vehicles efficiently throughout the whole life-cycle DOLL is delivering the following services to reduce maintenance efforts:

  • Detailed documentation packages (maintenance and repair works, part lists) according to the requirements
  • Full training for operation, maintenance and repair staff
  • Spare parts, with a guaranteed period of supply
  • Maintenance support
  • Comprehensive change management (for documentation and design)
  • Upgrading of vehicles