The DOLL panther vehicles are equipped with a high-quality individual wheel suspension, which allows high payloads with an axle load of up to 12t and a very low dead weight. The panther vehicles guarantee a stable driving performance with low driving heights.

Another plus of the panther series is the high manoeuvrability on difficult terrain with a high steering angle up to 55°. There is no side tilt due to the fact that the platform remains level at all times – regardless of the centre of gravity.

The panther running gear with DOLL premium components guarantees you the best performance: Perfect road holding, cornering stability, cargo stability and lower tyre wear than in similar competitors’ vehicles.

Load specification

  • Axle load capacity: 36.000kg
  • Fifth wheel load: 18.500kg
  • Gross vehicle weight: 54.500kg
  • Dead weight, approximately: 17.260kg
  • Payload approximately: 37.240kg