SCOTTY Group Austria (SCOTTY) specialises in beyond line-of-sight audio, video, and data solutions for military communication and surveillance purposes.

International corporations, peacekeeping forces, border police, and civil protection agencies use SCOTTY in the field, on wheeled vehicles, ships, and in the air. The systems are connected to Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Ku/Ka-band satellite systems in the most remote and adverse environments worldwide.

Duplex video teleconferencing (VTC) for remote environments

SCOTTY offers a range of advanced duplex communication for operation in remote and difficult environments.

Video teleconferencing (VTC) applications are suitable for a wide variety of customers. Ruggedised, portable, and easy-to-use, SCOTTY is deployed in the field, on vehicles, ships, and in the air using lightweight SATCOM equipment such as Inmarsat and Thuraya.

The SCOTTY Mobile HD is suitable for portable audio, video and data communication applications.
The SCOTTY BlueBox is designed for maritime use.
The SCOTTY ProMinHD is specially designed for operations in military headquarters.
The SCOTTY Communication Platform (SCP) is deployed for airborne video surveillance and communication.
SCOTTY tempested rollabout systems.
The SCOTTY tempested room system.
The SCP rack system includes the satellite data unit (SDU) and amplifier.
We manufacture the Thuraya Aero satellite data unit, which is available through our Austrian partner SMP Aviation.

SCOTTY equipment is ideal for peacekeeping missions since it is compatible to other VTC systems such as Cisco, can also be tempested to Nato level Zone 1, and works through internet protocol (IP) military encryption. Personnel in the field can report back to commanders at headquarters, share imagery, and receive new orders. Roving combat camera teams can file high-definition (HD) video material while on the move.

For multi-national organisations, VTC makes telemaintenance and remote support possible by using additional data channels parallel to the video stream to remotely access and control equipment. After a natural disaster, full communication is still available to relief workers even in areas where terrestrial networks are inoperable.

VTC can also be deployed on ships for naval C4I and ship-to-shore telemedicine applications, as well as aeroplanes for real-time video surveillance and office-in-the-sky applications.

SCOTTY’s equipment is powerful and flexible enough to adapt to the customer’s unique application.

To find out more, simply speak to our engineers in order to get the solution best suited for you.

Satellite-based telemedicine applications

In cooperation with the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR), SCOTTY has developed a satellite-based telemedicine solution that is easy to deploy in remote areas. It brings the specialist’s assistance via satellite to paramedics and doctors on-site to help save lives through emergency telemedicine, teleconsultation, cooperative support, clinical teleconferencing, teleteaching, and remote archiving.

SCOTTY equipment uses multiple cameras, interfacing to medical equipment such as electrocardiogram (ECG), access to online medical information, and HD imagery transfer to facilitate diagnostics, treatment, and decision-making.

Duplex voice and video communication, together with medical imagery and data exchange, optimise hospital support. Patient data is then seamlessly synchronised with hospital databases and multi-user support enables experts around the world to connect simultaneously.

Efficient airborne connectivity solutions for live data transmission

SCOTTY’s airborne solutions offer a unique combination of SATCOM connectivity using small, easy-to-install equipment and the ability to transmit and receive live data with HD video. These are used by customers worldwide for airborne intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), situation awareness, VIP communications, and telemedicine.

The SCOTTY airborne system transmits live HD video, as well as high-resolution still pictures and recordings from the airborne observation turret with simultaneous transmission of target and tracking data. The system also connects to on-board Wi-Fi, handheld devices, audio / video equipment and specialised data equipment (such as medical sensors), as well as provides live duplex audio and videoconferencing and internet access with PC applications such as live chat, fax and email. The connections can be encrypted either by SCOTTY or the customer’s external devices.

The SCOTTY package works over both high-bandwidth Ku/Ka-band systems and lower-bandwidth Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system, as well as the Thuraya Aero system, which is manufactured by us and available through our partner SMP Aviation in Austria.

About SCOTTY Group

Our extensive expertise in SATCOM hardware and infrastructure, as well as long-running communication technology experience has created optimised communication solutions that can be customised for all kinds of applications.

Founded in 1993, SCOTTY has significant experience in providing equipment for critical applications under challenging circumstances.

SCOTTY is an EN-9100: 2009 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified original equipment manufacturer of land, maritime, and airborne systems, customised solutions, and specialised components. These include satellite data units, satellite network conversion units, complete rack systems, peripheral interfaces, and products based on SCOTTY video compression technology. All equipment undergoes extensive testing, the aero products are DO-160 certified, and Nato COMSEC Zone 1 electromagnetic shielding is available.

SCOTTY’s manufacturing and headquarters are based in Graz, Austria, with additional offices in the UK and the US. Our equipment and solutions are available worldwide through a network of official agents and distributors.