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Temporary Flooring for Military Shelters

Rola-Trac is a manufacturer and supplier of deployable hard flooring for shelter systems, walkways, and expeditionary infrastructure to the armed forces.

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Rola-Trac is a manufacturer and supplier of deployable hard flooring for shelter systems, walkways, and expeditionary infrastructure to the armed forces. Rola-Trac is the new force for temporary flooring worldwide.

In addition to the many commercial applications Rola-Trac is now in operational use with the British Armed Forces issued under the NATO number J11/8340-99-551-0054. To support operations in the Balkans, and in particular as preparation for the onset of winter, the UK MOD embarked on a series of modifications and enhancements for their first echelon expeditionary shelter systems. The modifications and enhancements were designed to improve environmental protection, provide quality of life accommodation, maintain health and welfare and, most importantly, to sustain operational effectiveness for longer-term deployments.


One of the key elements of the improved, tented package is the Rola-Trac flooring system. Rola-Trac flooring was selected to provide a deployable hard floor in the standard UK military tentage. In addition to a hard surface Rola-Trac tiles create an air gap between the occupants’ feet and the floor providing a more comfortable environment. The floor provides an instant quality of life feature, and supports the additional furniture items, which are part of the sustainability package. Furthermore, the flooring can be used to provide walkways between accommodation units.

An additional feature of the Rola-Trac flooring system is its load spreading capability. In field conditions where mud is an unavoidable feature of camp life Rola-Trac can be utilised to support the storage of supplies and materiel, protecting them from further deterioration. The strong, non-slip, high-impact plastic tiles will support considerable loads. The Rola-Trac system has been tested at 37,500 kg/m² this capability enables it to be utilised for a wide range of logistic support tasks.

A significant advantage of the Rola-Trac flooring system is the capability of deployment, and recovery without the need for specialist tools, or expertise. The unique, freely rotating hinge/clip system enables rapid deployment, requiring the minimum of manpower for connection. To enable maximum utilisation of Rola-Trac within a given floor space the symmetrical design permits connection at right angles to itself; connection can also be offset to allow angled corners in pathways. Ready for deployment in roll or slab form, Rola-Trac will provide the maximum hard flooring surface for the minimum logistics footprint.


Rola-Trac is manufactured from non-permeable, specific engineering grade, high-impact material, and complies with Fire Safety Regulations. The durable Rola-Trac floor system can be deployed in all climatic environments within the temperature range -40°C to 40°C.

Rola-Trac requires no maintenance. When recovered to depot, or in the field the system, it can be easily cleaned with hot or cold pressure washing and standard detergents. Rola-Trac defence applications include:

  • Logistic parks – hard standing areas
  • Walkways
  • Accommodation shelter flooring
  • Communal shelter flooring
  • Fuel spillage berm support
  • Flexible fuel tank (pillow tank) support – prevents damage to flexible fuel tanks by stones and sharp objects
  • Flexible water tank support
  • Vehicle/plant/equipment wash down berm support
  • Decontamination berm support

Technical Specifications for Rola-Trac include:

  • Material – high impact, specific engineering grade, non-permeable
  • Dimensions 333mm x 166.6mm x 18mm
  • Weight 210g per panel; 3.8kg/m²; 186.2kg per 49m° pallet
  • Static Load 37,500kg/m²
  • Operational environment -40°C to 40°C
  • Fire resistance to UL94HB
  • UV stability tested to SAEJ1960 by accelerated weathering
  • Maintenance pressure washable hot or cold with standard detergents

White Papers

  • Military Product Brochure

    UK-based Rola-Trac produces temporary hard flooring for shelter systems and walkways, and heavy duty matting systems for aircraft facilities and roadways.

South Burlingham Road
NR13 4ET
United Kingdom

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