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Integrated Military Power Systems

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At the heart of many defence systems is power. Without it command and control computers would not function, radars would not operate, satellite communications would remain silent, systems using re-chargeable batteries would degrade to become just extra weight – modern technology demands power. 

Leading military generator supplier

Harrington Generators International (HGI) is one of the leading providers of military specification integrated power solutions which use conventional fuels or green alternatives.

HGI has over 30 years experience of designing, developing and producing high-quality power solutions which deliver what you want where you want it no matter how challenging.  We are committed to providing professional and economic solutions tailored to your power requirements whatever they may be or wherever they may be needed

The solution could be a one-off or a bespoke fleet. By combining our unparalleled design, project management and world-class manufacturing skills HGI can meet or exceed target deadlines and provide long term reliability for every project.

Light Field Generators
Standalone Military Generators
Integrated Military Generators
Through Life Support

HGI is a leading military generator supplier to the UK’s Ministry of Defence and defence forces around the world, and the largest UK power solutions provider in the military field.

Whether you need full EMC protection or defence standards quality, HGI has the experience and capability to meet your requirements.

Integrated military power solutions

Our integrated military power solutions include standalone and portable equipment, fully integrated systems and specialist bespoke solutions. In all cases this equipment can have full EMC capability to the relevant DefStans and operate using a variety of fuels providing power from 2kW upwards as a DC or AC output or both.

Standalone military generators

The standalone solutions range from the ubiquitous Light field generator seen in many parts of the British Forces powering communications and C4I systems, perimeter security solutions, lighting and temporary infrastructure; to trailer mounted solutions for air defence, satellite communications, command and control systems and field hospitals. HGI has a history of designing and producing bespoke solutions for a wide variety of applications, it can also take the full range of standalone products and adapt them for specific situations.

The standalone systems which rely on HGI power solutions include the ASTOR airborne stand-off radar where our generator powers the ground control station; CORMORANT the mobile strategic communications system; the export variant of the Rapier air defence system which uses a towed generator; and the power pack repair facility (PPRF) for Challenger 2. All of these are fully militarised solutions and able to operate in extremes of temperature and in high and dusty conditions.

Integrated military generators

The fully integrated product range is designed to be a fundamental part of the whole solution such as the Reacher satellite communications ground terminal. Other fully integrated systems supplied are the power solutions for the SAAB Giraffe air defence radar and the Arthur weapon locating system where HGI has designed a solution which is integral but can easily slide out for maintenance whilst still ensuring compliance with shock, vibration, acoustic and EMC specifications.

Bespoke military power systems

Our bespoke systems cover a wide range of power solutions from COTS through to combining energy alternatives such as wind or solar working together as an integrated solution able to be deployed wherever required but without the need for significant amounts of fuel.

Through life support

HGI is dedicated to providing through life support to ensure that your power solutions keep running to maximum efficiency and effectiveness wherever you maybe in the world.  This includes providing engineers under CONDO conditions and full refurbishment in our factory at Wirksworth in the Derbyshire Dales.


Harrington Generators International(HGI)
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