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Variable Reach Trucks and Container Moving Solutions for Military Environments

Oy Meclift is a leading global provider of logistical and transportation solutions for industrial environments, including heavy-duty forklift trucks and container moving systems.

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meclift ML1612R

Oy Meclift is a leading global provider of logistical and transportation solutions for industrial environments, including heavy-duty forklift trucks and container moving systems.

Our product line comprises a variety of compact and agile systems with lifting capacities ranging from 16t–50t, which have been carefully optimised to aid the loading and unloading of containers at army locations.

Variable reach forklifts for army sites

Meclift’s unique ML1612R and ML1812R forklift trucks possess lifting capacities of 16t and 18t respectively and are currently the only solutions on the market within this lifting range that are able to operate inside containers.

Our variable reach trucks are able to move quickly in confined spaces such as warehouses and cargo vessels, offering significant operational advantages over conventional forklift systems.

Featuring maximum lifting heights of 6m, Meclift’s variable reach trucks are able to lift 20ft containers from fork pockets and stack up to three on top of each other. The vehicles are also equipped with innovative telescopic booms, allowing them to load and unload cargo into 20ft containers that have already been placed onto the trailer.

Additionally, our forklift solutions feature adjustable cabins that can be moved hydraulically up and down to ensure consistently excellent visibility even when handling bulky objects.

Both the ML1612R and ML1812R units can be supplied in a sea container readily configured for instant operation, making them ideal for scenarios requiring fast deployment. ML1612R is also ATTLA-certificated for C5 and C17, enabling rapid delivery via air transit.

Lifting equipment for army cargo transport

Meclift offers a variety of additional attachments for integration with its variable reach trucks in order to increase usability and overall performance in specific applications.

Our practical Double Forks system has been proven to improve the efficiency of cargo handling operations, allowing users to lift a load equivalent to four Euro-pallets simultaneously.

The attachment enables operators to fully load a 20ft container with only two lifts, saving valuable time during container and trailer loading activities.

Cargo handling solutions and mobile crane units for army bases

Meclift’s Air Cargo Pallet Forks (ACPFs) are designed for cargo handling operations in environments such as airports where keeping up with timetables and deadlines is essential.

Our ACPF system acts as a seamless extension to a roll conveyor and enables the smooth and efficient loading / unloading of air cargo without hassle, while eliminating the need for unnecessary, time-consuming and potentially hazardous work phases.

The accessory’s cargo-handling speed and agility is derived from its ability to lift pallets off the ground and to lay them directly onto the roll conveyor. Receiving pallets from the conveyor is similarly swift and effortless, making the system highly suitable for air transit environments.

Furthermore, our ML1612R variable reach truck can be deployed as a mobile crane unit when fitted with a robust, 16t hydraulic winch attachment. The strength of the durable winch device, combined with the truck’s excellent reaching capabilities, offers a safe and highly efficient lifting solution for a wide range of industrial operations.

Container transportation vehicles for military sites

Meclift’s ML36CM container moving system is an effective solution for transferring containers from one location to another.

Our versatile machine is able to handle all container sizes ranging from 20ft-45ft, including high cube containers, and easily lift them on and off standard trailer units. It can also be customised to facilitate the efficient handling of one particular size of container depending on customers’ operational needs.

The compact ML36CM unit is able to fit through narrow and low terminal doors, as well as under bridges when being transported through road traffic. It can also be integrated with almost any terminal tractor brand to ensure compatibility with users’ existing infrastructure.

Meclift’s container mover is able to increase personnel safety during transport activities by granting open forward-visibility from the terminal tractor’s cabin, and the unit is fitted with separate twist-locks at the front and rear that can be separately adjusted sideways to ensure the container is securely gripped.

Our ML36CM is attached to the terminal tractor and powered by the vehicle’s hydraulic system. The length of the container mover’s main beam is automatically adjustable for optimum performance with different container sizes, while the height of the machine can also be raised and lowered to load and unload containers onto trailers or the ground.

The device’s clear, minimal design also facilitates easy user operation and reduces overall maintenance costs.

About Oy Meclift Ltd

Finland-based Oy Meclift Ltd is a family owned company that was originally founded in 1993.

We are committed to providing our global customer base with innovative solutions that integrate the latest technologies in order to efficiently address their logistical requirements and cargo handling needs.

ML1612R and ML1812R Variable Reach Trucks

The Meclift™ Variable Reach Truck ML1612R is the only telehandler in the lifting capacity range of 16t, which can be operated inside containers. Meclift™ ML1812R is a unique multipurpose forklift truck.

ML4212RC Variable Reach Truck

With the Meclift ML4212RC variable reach truck, you can take your heavy-lifting operations to the next level on efficiency and safety.

ML36CM Container Mover

The Container Mover ML36CM is a cost-efficient solution for terminal areas and locations, where there is a need to move containers from place A to place B.

Variable Reach Truck

Meclift™ ML1612R/ML1812R is a unique multipurpose machine. It is the only machine in the lifting capacity range of 16-18 tons, which can be operated inside containers.

UH-60M Black Hawk Multi-Mission Helicopter

UH-60 Black Hawk is a multi-mission helicopter developed by Sikorsky that has been operational in the US Army since 1978. The export version of the UH-60 Black Hawk is designated as S-70A.

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