Golight is a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled spotlights for the defence industry.

The company’s lights are in service around the world, used in applications ranging from military vehicles in Afghanistan to snowplows in Alaska, US.

Remote-controlled spotlight for military vehicles

Golight has taken design innovation to the next level with the remote-controlled Model 4600. The 4600 provides soldiers with the ability to use both a powerful LED spotlight and a covert infrared LED light in the same unit.

The 24V LED unit benefits from dual illumination capability (a visible white light and 950nm infrared output) and is constructed from a weather-tight carbon fibre body, with a separate stainless-steel mounting plate.

Golight supplies high-quality lighting solutions for the defence industry.
Golight is a leading supplier of remote-controlled LED spotlights.
Golight’s Model 4600 features dual illumination capability.
The company durable and robust spotlights are ideal for use in military applications.
Golight’s Stryker ST utilises the latest technology to offer simultaneous pan and tilt capability.
The Golight has evolved multiple times since it was first introduced in 1994.
Golight’s solutions are fully MIL-STD compliant.
The company emphasises the versatility, durability and quality of its products.

The Model 4600 features:

  • 360° continuous rotation
  • 180° vertical tilt
  • Hard-wired dash control
  • Dual-speed rotation capability
  • MIL-STD compliance

Innovative lighting solutions for defence requirements

Golight launched the Stryker ST and GT series to replace the company’s original Radioray and Stryker products.

The Stryker ST and GT models have taken years to develop, with Golight conducting extensive market research to ensure the solutions meet customer expectation in a range of defence applications.

The Golight GT series features an updated exterior housing design and a higher torque drivetrain than previous models. The GT also offers more precise pan/tilt control and increased ingress protection from dust and water (IP56).

Golight also supplies a permanent mount version of the GT, which boasts a robust 14 gauge stainless steel mounting bracket, as well as a portable magnetic model with a powerful 2x magnetic grip.

Military lights with wireless pan and tilt technology

Golight’s Stryker ST series features a new wireless remote control with a multiple unit selector button that allows users to control two or more units with one remote.

The Stryker ST also utilises new wireless technology that enables simultaneous pan and tilt and allows multiple users to operate lights in close proximity without interference.

An on-command 0° home position function is featured on the Stryker ST model.

About Golight

Since its formation in 1994, Golight’s specialist team of designers and engineers has worked diligently to ensure the company remains at the forefront of lighting technology.

The addition of fixed performance and work lights to Golight’s product range has enabled the company to fulfil a wide range of military lighting requirements and make the company’s solutions an ideal choice for defence organisations.

Golight has continuously updated its original product, taking advantage of new technologies and manufacturing processes to offer an improved lighting solution.

Despite several changes to our product over the years, our commitment to quality, durability and versatility remains unchanged. We always have an eye on the future and embrace the latest innovations to ensure we remain a leading lighting industry provider.