DHS Systems International is the global provider of deployable rapid assembly shelters, widely known as DRASH.

DHS recognizes that soldiers require equipment that is as resilient as they are. Whether in times of peace or in times of war, it is imperative that soldiers have the most functional technology to accommodate their missions. That is why DHS offers a range of products that provide solutions to the toughest problems affecting today’s military.

Every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the end user has the most reliable and secure technology on the market. It is because of this demonstrated reliability that DRASH products have been an essential element in the US Army’s Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS). Under the SICPS, DRASH trailer mounted support systems (TMSS) provide army personnel with high-mobility tactical operation centers that are rapidly deployable for command and control communications on the battlefield.

DRASH has a reputation for its capability to transform a series of products into a total system solution. It does this by integrating shelter, mobility, lighting, heating, cooling, power distribution, and command and control equipment into one package. DRASH is now extending its brand even further to incorporate energy efficient products into its already extensive line of equipment.

The US Army incorporates TMSS into its Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS). DRASH TMSS provides high mobility tactical operations centers to soldiers who depend on fast and reliable technology.
DRASH shelters are a reliable support asset to armed forces around the world. DRASH shelters are scalable and operational in all environments and locations.
DRASH shelters and equipment combine to form a total system solution. From medical support to mortuary affairs, military personnel can apply DRASH to suit the needs of various missions.
Energy efficient technology is crucial to current and future military forces. Intelligent Power Technology reduces fuel consumption, lessening the dangers that accompany transporting fuel to remote locations around the world.
Command and Control Equipment must provide commanders with the information they need to execute their missions successfully. DC2E simplifies information dissemination, helping the commander to make an efficient situational analysis.

DRASH equipment has many applications including but not limited to: command and control centers, medical systems, life support areas, maintenance systems, UAV hangers, satellite support systems, homeland response force systems and mortuary affairs collection points.

DRASH military shelter systems

DRASH deployable rapid assembly shelters are the epitome of quick and efficient soft-walled technology. All shelters are rapidly deployable and structured with an advanced, highly flexible composite material called Titanite. The shelter’s frame is comprised of pairs of Titanite struts that connect at key points in the framework called hubs. These hubs account for rapid deployment, as they enable the entire shelter to be pushed up and out swiftly without additional assembly.

The shelter comes pre-attached with a double layer of Xytex, a high-tech fabric that provides insulation from hot and cold temperatures. The specially coated fabric is fire retardant, water repellant and resistant to mildew, abrasion and ultraviolet rays.

DRASH shelters come in a variety of sizes and divide into separate categories according to their width. Beginning with the smallest C Series shelter at 109ft2 (2.3m wide), and ending with the largest J Series shelter, at 1,250ft2 (116m wide), the range in size accommodates a diversity of client needs. In addition, every shelter is easily connectable to any other shelter regardless of the series or model.

An integral component of the DRASH shelter system is the Utility Support Trailer (UST). A UST is a support system designed to provide mobility, power and/or environmental control for all DRASH shelters. Environmental Control Units (ECU) insure the proper temperature and climate control within a shelter. USTs come in various models, tailoring to the energy needs of every mission.

Depending on the model, a UST comes equipped with a generator and/or ECU, a component of the total system solution that ensures that shelters are operable in all weather conditions. Some trailers incorporate a new energy efficient Intelligent Power Technology (IPT), while other trailers have traditional analog systems. All trailers are operable in rough terrain, and are easily towable by military vehicles.

Energy effficient power generators – Intelligent Power Technology

DRASH Intelligent Power Technology (IPT) is a digital generator system that provides soldiers with the ability to control energy consumption on the battlefield. When IPT is active, it forms a microgrid of networked power that controls every generator underneath it to adjust to changing power demands within a tactical operation center.

IPT recognizes energy inputs and supplies power only where it is necessary, reducing energy waste and overall fuel expenditure. IPT is easy to set up, as it is designed for plug and play capability. The system is transportable and fully equipped to operate in even the toughest terrain. Rigorous testing supports IPT’s robust functionality, high mobility and energy efficiency, ensuring that warfighters who choose IPT will operate with secure and reliable equipment.

Command and control equipment

DRASH Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) comprises a full line of projector systems, audiovisual switching systems and system accessories, all designed to facilitate information management on the battlefield.

DC2E equipment is portable and lightweight, so setting up and dismantling requires minimal time and few personnel. Screen displays are available in medium, large, and now an extra-large design. Depending on the model, the system may have a front or rear projection.

Audiovisual systems include mini, small, medium and large variants. An intelligent data distribution system, microphone system, clock system, IPT remote monitor and tactical utility field furniture are additional accessories that complete the DC2E line.