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DHS Technologies Renames International Subsidiary

As of 31 October 2010, military contractor DHS Technologies’ international subsidiary, formerly known as MilSys (UK), will be operating under the new name of DHS Systems International.

The renaming comes at a time when DHS Technologies, known primarily for its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) system, is expanding its involvement in markets around the world, including those in South America, the Middle East and South East Asia. The company says that the new name is part of a wider restructuring taking place to raise customer awareness and increase efficiency of the international division of DHS Technologies.

“Customers used to hear the name MilSys and did not understand that we were more than a small subsidiary located in Hereford, England,” says Andrew Cowling, managing director of DHS Systems International. “Now, people see and hear our name and understand that we are a global company that is ready to serve customers around the world, and not just those in a certain region or country.”

DHS first acquired MilSys in 2004 as a platform to serve the UK MoD and reach customers located outside of the US. In addition to selling a full line of DRASH equipment designed to meet EU-regulations, the company also offers its own unique product line, including ISO containers, emergency medical gear and Celox, a haemostatic agent that is currently in use with the British Armed Forces.

DHS Systems International is headquartered in Hereford, England. DHS Technologies’ American subsidiary, DHS Systems LLC is based out of Orangeburg, NY and has provided mobile infrastructure technology to all branches of the US Military.

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